I'm new here

Hi. Name’s Scoth.


Hi, have fun while you’re here. ^^

Don’t touch my teddybears.


Welcome to Agora.Just don’t take anything personal and you’'ll be fine.

Yo, welcome to rpgc forum. Usually I offer moogles or waddle-dees to the new members, but alas, I’m feeling lazy today so I’ll give you a normal hello.
There. Anyway, have fun and don’t be a stranger.

Hi Scoth. I hope you stay for some time… Anyways I’m Big Nutter aka I-have-borrowed-the-knig-of-typos-crwon. If you stay long enough and read the Archives of:

I see what you did there… Most of the guys there are on here as well. We’re not. Hi I’m 2k, female cybernectic companion to Nutter. I am programmed to welcome as follows: “What would like to do today?” I know what I will not be doing to day… Helping Cid clear up after X (and any lamer) and some others.

Welcome to the board, Scoth. Enjoy your stay here, make a shrine if you wish, and don’t post a link to your website unless it in your signature. :smiley: Oh and watch out for Charlemagne…wait, nevermind.

Mine wasn’t a link to my Site… it was to a fellow members site… who’s has a section on the main index of this forum…

Welcom to [STRIKE]the Asylum [/STRIKE] RPClassics.

Um Big Nutter, I wasn’t talking about you. I meant some new person joining and their first thread is “Hi, my name is Bahabah, and I go to INSERTNAMEOFSITEHERE, which I need some people to join.”

Scoth…as in scoth tape? Oh ho ho ho.

<strike>fuck, a newb</strike> Hi.

I didn’t see the comma when I first read that.

Same here.

Hello and welcome to RPGC!

Howdy Scoth, hope ya have a good time here.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Mmmm. Scotch.’


An age old tradition… Welcome to the boards Mr. Silly-Name…