I'm new Dude!

Hi I’m Tye Tye or Tye for short! You may know me as The Weirdo From A Place That Is Unknown To Me And You My Friends. I am friends with Kiro…she made me join and I’m sleeping over her house right now.

Kiro: I did not make you! You wanted to when you saw me looking at a fan fic!

Tye Tye: Well…eeeeeh! You’re the one who’s typing! And I chose my picture too, aint it cute. I don’t like Poke’mon though…I just think Pikachu’s cute.

Kiro: Bleh. Who cares if I’m typing?

Tye Tye: I do!

This is like…the 4th friend. You guys are like the 10 Year Posse or something.

Kiro: No, it’s the second. And, Tye is 10, I’m 11, and Cookie is 12. So it’s not really a 10 year old possy.

Tye Tye: Do you think I’m weird? I’m a pika girl!

Kiro: But, she DOES match my hyperness…WH00T!

Tye Tye: YES I DO!

Go away.

Once again, it’s Super Saiyan Ahnold to greet you.

Hello and welcome! ^^

Tye Tye: I’m really sorry for acting so imature, deep down inside I’m almost sane…sort of…like Kiro…Yeah, I’m about as sane as Kiro…

Kiro: -_-

Oohhh, it’s a gang of 10-12 year olds. Ain’t that cute?
Also, necropost and the zombie threads eat your brains.

Ugh. I don’t know if this is all just one person acting or not.

Kiro: No, it’s two people.

Tye Tye: As I said before, I’m sleeping over Kiro’s house.

Hello Tye Tye, have fun while you’re here ^^


10 you say? mmm fresh meat

greatings other friend of kiro and pikachu demihuman.
I am cait sith and this is my welcome dance.


please enjoy your stay.

:moogle: my god don’t you all see! kiro is secretly recruiting her friends into her army so she can over power the leaders of rpgc and take over!! aaaaaaaghghgh!!! runs and hides in a little cave

That little white thing that just freaked out is mog. you’ll get used to him.

Hello umm… Tye-Tye… or something.


Man… It’s the Invastion of the Pokémon RPGC’ers… I’m Big Nutter, Currently Shining the Pokémon Gold and Silver shrine, which won’t be done untill after January. With me, I Have Aerith, Tina and 2000. So Hello and … Welcome! (… Famlusa!)

Well Hello there! I’m Tina, The Chainsaw Queen. I’m just hanging around Nutter’s place until my boy friend come home from Uni.

Oh, Hello. My names is Aerith, and I appear in Kingdom hearts like this, I also appear in Final Fantasy 7 under a diffent name since someone got my name wrong. Vist the Shrines or your local games store to find out more.

Big Nutter
(Remember that they’re Kids! So No Swering") Hello Sir! I am Windows 2000, I am often refered to as 2k or 2000. Please do not be alarmed, I am here to welcome you as a repesative from Nutter’s OS group, where we ask “What do you want to do today?™”

(™ is of Microsoft)

Word. And Big Nutter make this little sense all the time, don’t worry about him.

Who bets she is never going to post again after the sleepover is finished?

But in the remote case I’m wrong, welcome.

Welcome to the forums!

(Although kiro, you really shouldn’t encourage your friends to join up if they’re only doing it at your own house and not their own)