im new and kinda clueless

im obviously new, know only one person, and i have no clue what to click on with all the different links and stuff, most of the sites i go on are much simpler than this one so i pretty much might as well be stuck in a maze. so any help at all would be great! thanx!

For starters, where do you think you are? Don’t take offence, I’m asking this because the number of people who come to the boards without knowing what they are for or without ever finding out about the site attached to it is disturbingly high. What are you searching for in particular?

It’s not that complicated. I mean, all the RPGC pages are pretty well labeled.

Also, hello.

She met me in a chat room, and I told her about the site, she just wants to know what do to and where to do it!

Well this is the main forum Artisticpsyco. Anything and just about everything you want to talk about, you can find here.

The forum down below it, is for fan stories, and art work. The third one is video games, the fourth one after that you can answer and create your own polls.

Then there’s a forum for final Fantasy games, sprite making, and so on and so forth, lol. So depending on what your interests are, you could go to any of these areas!

lol or you could just stay here in the main forum and disuss anything from what’s going on in the world, or homework, or whatever, ^^.

And come on lets be more friendly here!

I’ll give a E-Cookie to who can tell me what Clueless, the movie, is a retelling of.

Here’s the main site, knock yourself out:

The rpgclassics is kinda where you can read whatever fanfics and fanmusic, and fanart and what not. Its fun, but I enjoy going to the agora better.

Oh, Arac, I believe that clueless was a retelling of one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Nope, it’s a novel, and is by the same person who wrote Pride and Prejudice.

Emma by Jane Austen

Which is probably a rip-off of one of Shakespeare’s plays, according to Silhouette2, so you can have, like, half an e-cookie for the right general idea.

Of course, the entire reason the site exists is to provide information on (mostly) older RPG videogames. For example, one dashing gentleman has made a shrine for <a href=“”>The Secret of Mana</a>. A second, probably some millionaire Hollywood-type who stays inside because were he to go outside would be swamped by his legions of fans, made one for <a href=“”>Monstania.</a> A third shrine, selected completely random off the list, for <a href=“”>Magic Knight Rayearth</a> was obviously made by a person of massive intellect who is one of the few able to appreciate the more sublime aspects of the game.

These are only a small sampling of what the site has to offer.

Hey, I’d like to meet these three genius guys someday.

Welcome psyco

Hey welcome, love the avatar!

Actually this forum is the most simplist one I’ve seen yet! Also I think Ziggy pretty much told her what she needs to know.