I'm doing lackey work for an SC tournament ;_;

That is to say, I’ve been decided as one of the people to find other people to join up.

I also am aware that we have a large SC base of people here, and I like playing with you people.

Thus, you all should join an SC tournament. The original topic, from another forum, is http://www.rpg2knet.com/forum/topic.php?post=33576 , but don’t bother registering.

If you do feel up for it (and I won’t be THAT offended if you don’t), give me…

TOURNAMENT (1v1, 2v2, or both)

The rules, as I know of them so far, are… And I quote from those forums:

I shall get the full rules up later… If any of you dont want to put your AIM or MSN info down, feel free to RSM me.
Here are the basic rules so far…
Like Nero said, there is a singles tournament and a doubles. However, if you cannot find a partner, we can enter you to be matched up with someone (if we have a leftover, he may act as a replacement if anyone is unable to play for a round and notifys us). It would help us all if you can make sure your Ideal Partner is ok with being your partner. As for times of playing, we will issue deadlines for the endings of each rounds. It will then be upto you to organise a time and date for the game against the opponent, that we will decide randomly. If you do not organise a game, and we fail to get to results you both shall be eliminated (unless we get some evidence that your opponent didnt show up, but you tried), and a random loser from that round will be picked to go on. There will be no race switching (sorry :frowning: ) and there will be no changing partners once you both have been entered.
In the end, everyone try and enter so we can have a nice big tournament… If you are a noob, dont worry, just enter and maybe you can have some practise games with us who play alot from IRC.

We will probably try to save replays and store them somewhere. Oh, and each game will only be one game. No best of 3, etc.

One last thing, your friends can enter aswell, not only 2knetters.

Please? :too bad;

Msn - Han_solo987@hotmail.com

2v2 tourni

Terran or Protoss, depends on game map and partner

Partner will be a friend of mine (not part of RPGC), ( i have 3 that play and will ask one of them to play with but at the moment i dont know exactly which will play with me)

Race? You know… Terran? Protoss? Zerg?

Before I sign up, what’s the average skill level of these people? Are they skilled to the level where everyone here will be crushed without mercy?

I don’t know the skill level of some of these people, but for those of you who have played with Justin (The_Gun), he’s the high end [I assume; I haven’t played with everyone there].

It ranges from good people to what could be complete noobs. Anyone’s welcome to sign up. :expressionless:

Can I do both?

'toss, either way.

I fixed my post for the race thing. Im either protoss or terran, depends on the map and who my partner is ( i dont know yet!!)

I forgot to post it before, but I also would like to know when the tournament is. XD

You don’t know how many times people have tried this before :stuck_out_tongue:

It might work this time though, Cless!

still taking people in?

I wouldn’t mind teaming up with Qp for a little 2vs2.

Anybody would like to join up with Qp :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure thing, anytime.

It starts on Feb the Tenth – well, that’s when signups close, and you have to get your game done within… something. Stimuli’s writing the rules up, so… :wink:

Originally posted by Cala
[b]Can I do both?

'toss, either way. [/b]

Yes. You can.

Actually, it’d make things easier if people would TELL me which one (or both! that’s the easiest) so I know what to write down for which.

i want in
Battlenet nick: Qpz4
ICQ: 23167889
Email: Qpz4@hotmail.com

My race:
for 1v1: Protoss
for 2v2: Protoss (i want Random but is it allowed?)

you find me a teamate for the 2v2 match :slight_smile:

cala at nulani dot net
2v2 (find me a teammate)
Random, if not, 'toss.

I have two ppl I found to play with us.

Aim: Nimbalisto
Sc name: Fly.Moto
Race: Zerg

Aim: Harruman1987
Sc name: Hot!Soup
race: zerg

they want to play 2v2 as partners.

Hmmm… I guess I’ll join up. Hopefully it’s not on a weekday. Or on a day where I have a wrestling meet.
AIM: Duo0Maxwell14870
My ideal partner would be Commander Vorpal.

Originally posted by Glenn
Hmmm… I guess I’ll join up. Hopefully it’s not on a weekday. Or on a day where I have a wrestling meet.
AIM: Duo0Maxwell14870
My ideal partner would be Commander Vorpal.

Who is that? If you mean Vorpy, then I’m terribly confused since he hasn’t entered to my knowledge.