I'm bored...

Let’s play a game. We go from A to Z, and list something associated with JAPAN that begins with that letter.

I’ll start:

A - Aikido

B - Banned

Not funny ;_;

B - Bushido

C - Chobits

D - Dir en grey

E - Ecchi. :stuck_out_tongue:

F - Final Fantasy >>;

G - Gackt

H - Banned

Shaddap, Cless.

H - Hentai (duh).

I- Ikaruga

J - Japan :stuck_out_tongue:

K - Kyoto

L - Loser Anime Fanboys

M - Mecha

N- Naruto :stuck_out_tongue:

O - Otaku

O - <strike>Orgasm</strike>Origami