I'm bored of my username...What can I do/What do you recommend me?

I want to change my username, what can I do?
Should I do a new account and loose al my posts or what?

You only have 21 posts. Just make a new username unless Cid has the power to change usernames like some other forums.

I’m sure if you bug one of the admins (dunno who would be best as they all are rather busy with different real life htings at the moment), I’m sure they’ll get you fixed up. As for another name, I’d say Screwdriver, but I’ve been craving one for months now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Multiple accounts are frowned upon.

I hereby christen you Freya

Multiple accounts are deleted.

Ask Sinistral, Merlin, Zero, or Sephiroth Katana in a PM to change your name.

Mr. Alcohol maybe, if you wanna keep with the boozy names.

I got a odd name that you will probably frown upon, VodmarSNS, i think its neat…its just a thought ya know.

You should be… xXSephirothXx

Not really, but 984 is right as always.