I'm back!!

Yes! It looks like the local Cable company fixed whatever was wrong with my new DSL service- so now, I’m back!!!

Oh, and my service is MUCH faster now. Some of you might remember me whining all the time how it took FOREVER for me to download ANYTHING back when I was on 56k. The difference is amazing! (Tho’ I STILL suspect I’m still slower than I should be… but what the heck, it’s still an improvement!)

Anyway, just wanted to let you guys know that I’m back. Of course, one shouldn’t count one’s chicks until they’re hatched, so I may yet run into more problems- for example, I might not be able to AFFORD paying for my own account in the long run (I was glomming on my sister’s) what with my irregular work schedule… we’ll see.

OK, back to checking the boards, and posting! Hope nothing bad happened while I was gone (a full week!)

Who are you again? (badum-tish)

Welcome back though. Broken cable sucks.


Welcome back.

Welcome back, Wilfredo!!!

Oh, while you were gone, I took the liberty of cleaning your place… enjoy.

Welcome back.

: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Welcome Back’ and brags about his T3 line.

Belcome Wack.




N’ Stuff.

Welcome back, even though I barely know you. :moogle:

Whoa! I thought people were just going to ignore this thread!

Thanks, guys.

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Hello! I’m having trouble with my computer too! :wave:

Hullo again.

PC, while I’mssure you meant it in his best intrests, PUT HIS STUFF BACK.

That said, Glad to see you back Wilf.

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
[b]Whoa! I thought people were just going to ignore this thread!

Thanks, guys.

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:cool: [/b]

Well I was going to welcome you back, but now I’ll ignore the thread.

Oh wait.
Well seeing as how I didn’t manage to ignore this.
Welcome back.

Welcome back.

I’ve been having trouble with my net acsess (sp?) as well only for non-conventional problems (lit: My parents) and the fact that they won’t let us log on to the school computers.

Bah your problems are nothing to mine. I had no access all summer because my parents got swindled by bell while I was at a scout camp and they found they couldn’t network our computers with the modem they gave us and they cut the access to their computer because of it and are just now getting around to getting it working on their computer much less networking the 2 togethor. I think they switched to netscape though. I still prefer the cable access I had before. now I’m forced to use the school computers.


Um…I mean…welcome back. As for speed, do you have multiple cable splits (as in, split in two to use on more appliances/televisions), I know that I got a boost when I placed the modem at the cable’s entrypoint in the house.