I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why hello there me bonny lads and lassies…would you like me to blow ye sails for a dollar…? Just kidding. It’s good to be back, although some of you don’t really care…NEITHER DO I!!! And that thing with TD… I almost got my ass kicked over that! Shame on you TD!!! It was cute, though…

Who are you???

…Oh my.

Originally posted by Admiral Nagumo
Who are you???

I was just about to ask that.

steals Cherubis’ shoes

Geez…I’ve only been gone a month…
I guess it’s true…I REALLY DON’T MATTER!!! GREAT!

Dear Cherubis,

Well, if you only joined a month and a half ago and have been gone for a month, can you really expect us all to remember you? There are lots of people who join, introduce themselves, and then are never seen again.

Welcome back though.

much love,

You probably weren’t here for very long, so odds are nobody remembers you. Either way, welcome (back? :P) to the site. :slight_smile: