I'm a laptopotorist! :D:D:D

Huzzah, I am the proud posessor of a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop! And ALREADY I’ve got problems! Y’see, I got this new mouse the day after I got it so I wouldn’t have to twiddle my fingers over the fricking touchpad, but it refuses to admit I’ve added the mouse and insists on making me use the touchpad! So, anyone know how to disable the blasted thing? :3

The first mistake was getting a laptop if all you’re gonna do is use it at home.

I never said that. I’m gonna take it to college in various classes, and to my dad’s place over an hour away so it’d be frickin’ inconvenient otherwise, and so on ad nauseum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you try manually installing the drivers included with the mouse?

Did you try changing the mouse settings in the control panel?

I havent tried that before so I can’t help you. What are the laptops specs though, I wonder?

Oh, and congratulations. Getting my laptop was one of the best things for me.

Yes, and yes. It just assumed that the touchpad, which apparently takes up the “PS/2” port, was the mouse I’d plugged into the DB9 port (using an adapter).

There should be an option in the BIOS.
So, look around in the BIOS.

Hao doo eye geht aht zis … bios?

When your computer first turns on (i think its when that dell logo appears), on the top of the screen there should be a message “Press F11 for Bios Configuration”.

Or something like that. Its going to be a Function (F1-F12) button.

… Smeg, I’m-a hafta restart just to fix the BIOS. Ah, well … not like there isn’t still another computer to do this stuff with …

EDIT: Okay, when I set the touchpad settings to “PS/2 Mouse” instead of “Touchpad”, it still does the touchpad, and when I set it to “Serial Mouse”, neither of them work.

You should have a word with Dell Support.


Uhhhh…smash it? Or…on a gentler note, carefully pry it out than say “I’m sorry…” and recycle it?

Thank you, Kiro, you are immensely helpful there.

Your Welcome!!! :victoly:

Does ypur laptop have a USB port? Then you could plug your mouse into it. Asuming it’s a USB mouse.

It’s not a fricking USB mouse, it’s a PS/2 mouse. Plugged into the DB9 port, like I said. However, I have contacted Dell’s customer service, so nya.

and… did it work?

If not, you may have to look into a USB mouse, but I’d like to take a look-see first, whenever we meet again.

Obviously you aren’t sexy enough to turn the mouse on. Return the labtop and find one with lower standards.


Well, I do have the Windows XP girl as my desktop wallpaper, but after reading over the response E-mail from Dell very carefully, I sent the mouse back and got a USB one anyway. And now it works, and there is much rejoicing. So yeah.