Illusions of Gaia: Technique to use Spin Dash

I was playing IoG and I got up to the Great Wall. For some reason, I can’t seem to get the Spin Dash to work. I was wondering if anyone here on the forums who has played IoG recently and would be able to tell me how they accomplish it.

As a side note, it may be because I’m emulating it and using a keyboard as imput.


Hold down A until Will blinks green quickly (it takes a few seconds), then hit L and R repeatedly. Four arrows will show up. Press the direction you want and Will will take off.

Ya see, I’ve been trying that, but it doesn’t seem to work…

Hmm…maybe its time I finally invested in a Snes usb controller.


Might be a good idea. They come cheap, but make sure to get one with at least eight buttons.

I’d actually reccomend a PSX > USB adapter. Then you’ll be prepared if you ever want to emulate future systems, too. And it still feels pretty much like an SNES controller. I use my L2 button as the “fast forward” button in the SNES emulator, so I can speed through text sequences or battles (depending on the game).

I might go get a psx controller if I ever thought I would use it for anything more than Classic Snes RPGS, which is all I play now. Meh, who am I kidding? Unless some new systems start coming out with some “classic” rpgs, then Im gonna stick to snes. But thanx for the information anyway.


It worked fine for me… after a few dozen attempts. ^^;; I think it’s a matter of timing and luck.

This guy sounds like me! But hey, if they’re the same price, why not spring for the psx one? Makes it easier for you, just in case.

It’s not the same price, though - you’d need to shell out $20 for a PSX controller and another $20 for the USB connector. Unless you can get a used controller somewhere.

PSX adapters are like 12 dollars at radio shack. Give or take.

Once at a computer show, I got a high-quality USB controller that was basically a duplicate of a PSX controller for seven bucks, and before that I got a different decent one for ten.

There are some “classic” rpgs on PSX, like Lunar or Suikoden. Besides, it leaves you better prepared if you buy console > PC ports, like Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, or FFXI.

As for price, Lik-Sang (the leader if these adapters, unless I am mistaken) sells <A HREF=“”>the SNES adapter</A> for $18 and change, and a <A HREF=“”>2-player PSX adapter</A> for $15 and change. A used PSX controller at any EB or Gamestop will cost between $4 and $7, depending on whether it’s analog or not, and you don’t have to buy it online, like SNES controllers.

Well, clearly, the price difference is either in favour of the PSX or negligible. Go for the PSX controller. You’d only be wasting money not to.

Is the PSX controller + USB connecter easy to set up with ZSNES? I’m SO buying one and playing the MMX and DKC (I have all the DKC carts, but no SNES anymore…) games if it is, so tell it to me straight and true.

So many choices…hmm, which to choose. Ah, well. I better get through finals before I go off and turn into a complete RPG-Geek. Eris knows Im a Eco-Geek already…

Shinryu: Will you tell me your secret? :slight_smile:


My secret? What secret?

Your secret location…Is it the batcave?!

(I only know a few things in Japanese and Sore Wa Himitsu de is one of them…never mind, just ignore the dumb obnoxious n00b…)


Somewhere north of the 49th parallel. And east of the Rocky Mountains. That’s all you get. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know some Japanese, but this isn’t the thread for it, is it?

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