"I'll write you a fanfic if you donate to the Red Cross"

Wanted to share this that I just found, it’s beautiful. Is a livejournal community dedicated to donating to help organizations, with a twist.

<a href=“http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=fandom_charity”>Fandom Challenges for Charity</a>.

"This community was created for fans who want to contribute to a good cause, and fans who just want that story/vid/icon they’ve always dreamed of. The idea was taken from fan_the_vote, but instead of donating to political campaigns, you’ll donate to independent charity organisations such as the ones listed below.

The procedure is simple: Fan #1 posts a challenge, such as “Please write me Heathers fic.” Fan #2 replies with, “I’ll write you a fic if you give X amount of money to X organisation.”"

So basically, you offer to write a fanfic or make an icon, draw something etc. for a promise that the one you make it for will donate money to a charity organization. Or you request something for somebody with the same offer.

Yes, it’s forbidden to profit from this yourself, all money involved goes to live aid.