"I'll take 'The Rapists' for 500, Alex!"

A friend of mine showed me this and I just had to share it.

Every episode of SNL’s Celebrity Jepardy.

Enjoy. :mwahaha:

GG, You rock. Liek an avalanche of motherfuckers.

You rock so fucking much! I still laugh at those episodes; Fake Conery and Trebek where some of my favorite SNL chars.

Mountain King? >.>;

Nope, sorry. There’s only 9 there. I know of at least 12. It’s missing:

Sean Connery, Chris Tucker, Anne Herche
Ozzy Osbourne, Martha Stewart, Sean Connery
Bjork, Dave Mathews, Sean Connery

Which I have. All 12.

Do you also have more bandwidth than kadz.net?

I’ve never watched the real thing, but my school did a parody around Homecoming. I don’t know if it was based on a real episode, but the fake celebrities were asked categories like “Colors that end in ‘urple’” and “Name that object”. I’m not sure I should watch these; if I do, I’ll probably be laughing for the next week or so

Those are direct quotes from the parody.

The title of this thread was hands down my favorite SNL moment.

I’ll take Ape Tit for 400.

I’ll take the penis is mightyer for a 100.

:moogle: WHAT!


It’s the Penis Mightier, not the Penis is Mightier.

Get it right or pay the price.

“Now we will share a lifetime of the fondest memories…”

Ahem. These skits are my favorites on SNL, and I love Epic for sending one to me. :smiley:

Last night we got all cracked up about “Anal Bum Cover”, ha ha.

hugs Vikki

Salute Your Shorts rocks!

I loved SNL Jeopardy! Thanks GG!

I saved every one of those. :victoly: