I'll show you mine...

If you give me a million bucks… And show me yours. ^.~

Errrr… Wrong boards… Either way, since I was soooooo close to 1,000 posts before we went down the tube, I decided to make a cursed (read: QUESTION) thread.

Ask away, keep it reasonable, no rule-breaking, and no asking for my number, adress, or anything of the like.

And no, I won’t get a webcam. Get over it.

I’ll answer at 30 posts. :slight_smile:

What is your favorite food.

Will you adopt me?(RPGC Family)

…If You think Question Threads are Cursed…why did you do one?

Alright… At what age did you get your first RPG? (what did you people think I was going to say? Sickos.)

About the million bucks…check or cash?

Half ‘n’ half, works. >.>

Have you ever considered getting implants?

Going off of Xelo’s questions, would you even need implants? I haven’t seen your picture in a while. Oh, post that again if you would :stuck_out_tongue:

she doesn’t need them. she’s fine just the way she is :kissy:

Thankees, DN.

And as for the pic…

<img src=“http://cala.nulani.net/images/calapic.jpg”>

How dis you get in to M:TG and RPGs?

Originally posted by Dragon Ninja
she doesn’t need them. she’s fine just the way she is :kissy:

i wouldn’t mind examining for myself to see if that’s true.


Yeah, DN is completly right. …whew… You are a pretty one you are.

If I followed you home, would you keep me?

How come everybody else is getting their most recent avvies back and I am still imprisoned in this mist dragon form?

You need 5 posts to change yer avvie.

Ren: Because they changed it back. I didn’t bother.


For my arrogant self: Do you think I’m attractive (yeah, I know I posted something about sexist questions in VickiMints’ question thing, but I’m actually just curious and really could not care one way or another unless she called me disgustingly ugly or something… wow, this is a long inter-parenthesis thingiddy)?


What was your greatest achievement?

Speaking of that, I just saw the other thread about custom avvies
leaves to the other thread

The world is coming to a fiery end soon, I know it.
Either by fire, Ice, or soemthing…
So I might as well enjoy it & be as evil & perverted as possible!
goes to see if any guys will go out with him

Seph, WTF?! Is there relevance to this thread in there at all? ><

Originally posted by Cala
Seph, WTF?! Is there relevance to this thread in there at all? ><

Oh, boy! I get to answer Cala’s question! :slight_smile:

He seems to post off-topic bullshit everywhere. He is trying to get a custom title, and is spamming.