If you've ever wanted to be in a Stephen King or Lemony Snicket book...

Here’s your chance.


It’s for a good cause, too. :toast:

Oooo. My name could be on a gravestone in a book by Neil Gaiman!

ZOMG! I could have my name in a Lemoney Snicket book! W00t!

Oooh I could be a zombie in a Stephen King movie!

:moogle: Did you even read the summary? The zombies come from talking to much on a cell phone. I swear I don’t think he even trying anymore.

The Stephen King one would be cool.

Lemony, not so much.

I think this is a GREAT idea and a deserving cause, and if I had ANY money to spend I’d join too. Too bad I can’t even afford video games right now. > <

Nulani: Yeah, I though you’d choose that one. :hahaha;

Of all these writers, my favorite is Chabon (“The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay”) but the best offer is John Grisham’s, I think.

You know, some of these people could offer a LITTLE more participation for the winner, considering the cause and the fan’s investment. Some of them sound like they barely even want to disrupt their writing. Makes them sound stuck-up.