If you're into videogame remixes, this will affect you

R.I.P Reuben Kee

The music community has lost a talented musician and composer. His breathtaking piano scores and orchestral arrangements are a testament to his accomplishments.

I’ve heard his CT and FF7 remixes; those are both excellent. That’s about all I know about him, though, and saying any more would smack of shallowness on my part. I’m sure there are those who love him who are sad; I hope they are comforted.

That’s sad, I really loved his stuff. I hope his family finds comfort during their mourning. RIP.

Not that I knew his name but checking on that ocr list I remember the MGS remixes without even trying to find my files. These were good.

Ever since I heard a collaboration he did for the Chrono Symphonic project I’ve listened to his other remixes. He did really beautiful work on the Shenmue and MGS pieces.

He also has personal site where the OCR supporters are rallying around and doing a tribute project.