If you people don't clamp down on useless posting

The ToB’ll come back and we’ll toss all your asses in it for an indeterminate period of time.

Well, some of us didn’t even know it existed. I would post there instead. Besides, people post here anyway.

Don’t bullshit me by playing dumb Uriel.

If this is about my superman thread… well… COOOOOME OOOOOOOOOON! HE TAKES OFF HIS GLASSES!!! THATS HIS DISGUISE!!!

Dude, I REALLY didn’t know it existed. Not my fault…geez.


Charl, its about a lot of threads.

awwww, you closed my thread? damn it, sin! this is why we cant have nice things!

While your at it, how about asking Uriel to shorten his sig horzontally? It streaches out my screen and I have my rez at 1024x768…

Yeah, it’s ripping threads to bloody shreds.

Uriel… prehaps you started coming here after we closed the ToB? I’m not sure when you came on, but if you really don’t know about it, perhaps that is the reason.

He damn well knows that the ToB existed, he was here before they closed it. But he hasn’t been here as long as he tells us he has…

shrugs I don’t know this stuff. Oh well :slight_smile:

What do you know, it seems I was right after all, he IS a moron! Glory to King Moron!

I think he’s talking about all the “FREE POST” posts.

Strangely enough this thread, also seams to have gone slightly useless. Which is rather ironic (if that’s the right term).

Nah, it’s still serving its purpose, telling us about the danger of <strike>drugs… Err… Unprotected sex… Er…</strike> senseless posts.

With all the useless threads just closed today, I’m suprised this one isn’t already.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> FREE POST!

Uh, yeah. Uriel has been coming here 16 years the last time he bragged, so he basically has seniority over all of us. And god, I’m glad I had limited access this week. Idiots.

I don’t think anyone could join RPGC more than two months ago and not know about the Tower at all.

Val, his latest estimate is that he’s been here for four years.

4 years and you don’t notice a whole fucking forum. That’s GOTTA take a huge amount of skill and/or blindness