If Tetris was Real Life.

Things would be much more entertaining. XD

A day in the life of Tetris.


Mega64 is so fucking stupid.

Well so far that’s made me laugh more then you ever have. So while he/she/it may very well be fucking stupid, you’re fucking stupider. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh. It was alright. Would’ve been funnier if they had him trying to rotate to try to fit into things

The Shenmue one is the best.

Yeah, I’ll have to say that made me smile, maybe not burst out laughing or cracking a spleen or anything… But it was funny. I liked the very last shot though, with the mail boxes. I almost expected to see more than just one L shape piece. Maybe one of the T blocks would have been cool to interact with him.

All in all, 7/10, its funny, but not THAT funny, but gets proffs for being original and actually running around interacting with the people like that.

Yeah XD But I thought it was cute.

It could have been better, but I’ve never seen something like that before so there ya’go. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was funny. I’m kind of hoping they do more; the MGS one was a riot! 8)

It won’t play on my computer boo

These are hilarious. But awfully laggy.

so is your avatar and title

That was cute.

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Yeah, the Shenmue one is a lot better. I’m looking for the man that killed my father!