IE help needed

Didn’t know where also to post, so I guess here.

I recently noticed that when I right click in an Internet Explorer window, a link pops up in the menu. How do I get rid of it?

What sort of link is it?


the right click on a mouse is the menu button unless you switched buttons. SO OF COURSE A MENU WILL POP UP IF YOU USE THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON!!!

I’m not an idiot, Luke. I know a menu is supposed to pop up. I frequently use the menu. My problem is that there is a link in the menu that shouldn’t be there.

Why would it matter what sort of link it is? It’s the kind that isn’t supposed to be there.

You’ve been virused.

Reformat & reinstall. nod nod

Or better yet, switch to a good browser, like Moz. =P

<img src=“”> Shut up Wert.

Demigod, check the View menu. What’s in there? Some spyware apps enjoy adding new bars.

What kind of link is it? We can’t figure out the problem if you don’t frikkin tell us what the link is!

It’s the same for me… There’s a friggin’ link to a porn site on there, and I seriously don’t know how it got there.


Well its possible that the site you’re on has built a custom popup button for right clicks, its possible but unlikely. Chances are you’re either been infected by a virus or you installed one of those annoying programs like gator.

Try running a virus scan (AVG - free virus scanner) and if that doesn’t work something to delete spyware (Ad-Aware)