Identify my Famicon Clone.

This is something that has been ticking my curiosity for years. Down here in my country during the NES age, nobody actually had a real NES. We had a console we called “Family Game” that played NES games. I suppose it was one of the myriad NES clones that came up during that time, and it was the first console I ever had.

I couldn’t find pictures of it, and the one mentioned in is not the one I had. All I can remember is that it was largely grey, maybe with a slight skin-tone, and the edges were all dark red/vermilion. Oh, and I could swear there was a space on both sides to stick the controllers in when you weren’t using them.

I know it’s not much information, but does anyone recognise this? Mr. Saturn?

I’ve never seen it before, but this is it

That’s PRECISELY it! So it was actually white. I wonder why the heck that’s all that was sold down here?

Probably because you live in a place that isnt cool enough to handle american technology like the nintendo.

That or that nintendo didn’t think it would succeed down there.

Because for nintendo to move to south america, they’d have to set up distrobution, make deals with retailers, buy corporate space, etc, and it would take months. For a pirate to copy some NES circuit boards and sell them on the street? It would take a few hours, and he’d get his foot in the door first.

Also, i don’t know much about the economic makeup of where you live, but i’m sure most people would rather fork over less money for a clone, than pay full price for the real system when they both play the same games. I also doubt any authorities, if they even exist, really care about someone selling a pirated console. I doubt they can even tell the difference.

Eva Perón spent all of their money on dresses and shit, they have no money to spend it on the REAL nintendos. Thats why the argentenian people hate Evita, and to get even, they pooled their money together and hired andrew loydd webber to write a terrible musical about her.

Right now it would be true. It IS actually, since everything here is imported. But back then the Family was a smash fucking hit, hardly anyone here ever heard of the Atari or basically any other console until the Genesis (This time it was a real one) came and took over the market. Ironically, the SNES also simply passed by since there was no publicity, while the Genesis sold like crazy.

1)Yeah, that’s it.

2)I have about fifty PS1 games, like a hundred PC games, twenty-something PS2 games, all bought at respectable, very visible stores in the middle of a huge commercial centre with laws and shit. Not a single one is legal. You can’t actually find legal games anywhere.

The authorities have only just begun to discover what E-Mail is. I live in Pirate Heaven.