Ideal Levels For ff7 on disc 3

Hi i am just about to fight hojo on ff7 and i have been thinking am i going to be good levels to try my luck against sephiroth. well i am:
cloud lv 56
tifa lv 54
vincent lv 55

i am going to on disc 3 do all optional quests i can before confonting sephiroth

i want to know if you think my levels are going ok thanks

fran(a final fantasy fan since the age of 3)

im going to make a film out of the smilies so watch out for it

Level 50ish sounds a tiny bit low. The first time I fought Sephiroth, I was at level 64 with all the ultimate weapons and limit breaks and he put up an OK fight. I’d recommend being level 60 before fighting him, but to each his own.

65-75 is a good range. Anything higher than that and you pwn everything in the game.

I wouldn’t worry. I killed Emerald at level 60.

Just try it now. The challenge will make it better.

If you make your guys nasty, it won’t even be hard.

Like most other FFs, it is too easy to get over-powerful.

But isn’t Sephiroth always 3 levels above Cloud? I mean, it’s still not that hard, but that just means you could probably beat him at any level.

Anyway, my first playthrough I think I beat him at around 50ish or so. But I don’t really remember.