We could totally use a hidden “ladies only” forum, where the girls can talk about girl things like relationships, makeup, and how jealous we are of Sin’s hair without all you testosterone-ridden apes being all upons.

That is all.

Won’t work. Apart from anything else, Cala and Val would get into it.

except all us power hungry mods would be watching over you, salivating.


Are you trying to encourage more men to pretend to be women? We’ve got enough of those as it is.

Jango’s got it on the spot. Less gender bending is a bit better.

Except they both blew their cover, so they wouldnt be given access. It’d be the more dedicated ones we’d have to worry about.

Boo. :frowning:

No, I just wanted to be able to vent about men in general without having to deal with comments like, and I quote, “GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN”

editBut then I forgot the reason I never brought this idea up before, and that was that this community is the most sexist in the western world. omgflame

How about making a private room in the chat?

Last time one of us tried that, SOMEONE invited all the boys in and gave them halfops. Not to mention chats suck anyway.

Nevermind, forget this thread existed. MOD PARTY?

haha nevermind, nothing to see here

What is this nonsense? There are no girls on the internet.

That’s a sexist attitude to take. How many guys do you see making threads requesting male boards? Because we don’t need them, however you are suggesting that females recieve preferential treatment simply because their reproductive organs are on the inside, which last time I checked was called sexism.

Why does it have to be here? Go to invisionfree and create your own board, duh.

Besides, I’m absolutely not jealous of Sin’s hair.

So they can have their cake and eat it too. They’re attached to this message board, and they want to carve out their own little piece of it.

Cala was a guy? When did this happen? I knew about Val, but this is a recent development.

Well, there are no girls in the internet, so that must have been about the time when he created an account.

murk lore

Liar, everybody wants a piece of Sin’s long luxurious hippy mane.

Why waste perfectly good space?