Ice Hockey

hey if any of you people here watch ice hockey NHL or what ever did you watch the all star game? SO FREKING AMAZING! ahh i just finsihed watching it and i was so happy that sakic scored a hatrik and got the MVP award and he got to have a dodge viper:O like one of the greatest cars arund they are so great a frekin dodge.
well thats all i gotta say so people who like ice hockey reply or people can jsut say anything!

Let’s try the main forum…

the game actually felt a little boring for me, especially in the first period. It seems to me to speak of the even greater need for changes in the NHL rules that are in desperate need of implementation.

But yeah, seeing old players like Sakic and Messier steal the show was nice considering the young kids (Nash, Kovalchuk) were getting all the pre-game hype

It’s also nice that Patrick Roy is retired now, thus he’s no longer penned in to start every year, and somebody else gets a chance to play net. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also like that they’ve gone back to East vs. West conferences, rather than North American origin vs. European origin.

The All-star game was pretty good, but I think the last couple of Leafs games have been far more exciting. They’ve come back from huge deficits (4 and 2 goals) in their games against Ottawa and Tampa Bay. Sundin is racking up his third period goals, and Roberts is constantly showing us how well he can score (as long as he’s not too far away from the net :ah-ha!:).

I can’t wait until the playoffs.

yeah i cannot wait untill the playoffs either. i hope colorado get through and beat detroit red wings! they just lost in over time against them.
the first perios in this all star game wasnt great i have to admit. last year was good though when that guy got a hatrick again (i forgot his name) i was really happy when messier scored even though i am not a great fan of the eastern conferance.
i’ve never seen a match where noth america played the rest of the world. but yet again most of the team was canadian anyway!
who are you guys rooting to win the playoffs?
i hope colorado avalanche