Ice Cream Depressivness

Has anyone else seen the new Haagen-Das Ice Cream commercials? They have this I think maybe Korean or Phillipino woman picking vanilla in the fields and snow starts falling and it says on the screen ’ Start with the Finest Vanilla, Add only cold’. Anway it’s just really depressing and I asked one of my best friends, but she had’nt seen it. So have any of you seen it? If so, does it give you a depressed feel? Maybe i’m just insane. (under ‘View Commercials’)

The music is tragic-sounding…like ‘little girl selling violets on the street corner in the snow and dying of starvation’ kinda music.

Homemade prozac, needs more ice cream?

mmmm… ice cream…

Saw the commercial, vaguely, I tend to zone out during them. don’t remember it being depressing though.

It didn’t look depressing, but i think that’s because of how they presented it. The girl looks like she could be the owner of the plantation instead of a worker. If she was wearing clothes that a field worker would wear, then it would be depressing.