Ian Blair's speech, gah


Aside from being hugley London-centric, there are massive issues with this speech.

  1. 90% of Britain’s police force to remain unarmed.

REMAIN UNARMED!? What the fuck is this PC pansy thinking? We need 90%, if not more, of Britain’s police armed and armed to the teeth. You don’t stop terrorists by shouting “oy you, stop” and blowing a whistle. You stop terrorists by putting bullets in their heads and leaving them to rot on the streets.

  1. a target figure of 40% of police officers to come from ethnic minorities.

Does this include the rapidly-shrinking ethnic group called the white person? Because I refuse to believe that 24 million UK citizens are from an ethnic “minority”. Again, this is London-centricism at its worst- I was looking up the geography of Lincolnshire tonight. 98.5% of its population is of caucasian background [1]. My brother was obviously lucky to get a job as a cop when he did- if he’d waited any longer, Papa Lazarou would’ve been a more likely candidate than him.

Okay, okay, I know, but the more of this ridiculous political correctness I see, the more and more right-leaning parties (yes, I include the BNP in that number) look appealing.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincolnshire

I always thought it made no sense how British police was unarmed. I’d just like to see some martial artists kick their asses one day for shits and giggles.

Although I believe the ethnic thing is important because of what I’ve read about rampant racism and attitude problems within the British police force.

That’s a long-ass speech. You brits need to learn to talk less. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Blair’s the sort of speaker that wanders from one narrow point to another, never attaining beyond an “argument of the moment,” never producing any coherent system of explanation for the problems he lists, a method that begs the question, “What’s your point?” This is, of course, the way of most political speeches these days. It’s depressing to think that our modern politics are run by <i>ad hoc</i> thinkers.

When He say un armed I hope he meant 90% of Bobbies had no hand Gun… Not 90% had not got a trunchen…

I found that it is more diverse in the large towns like near me and Citys… Achually I’ve had a Look off a Japanise girl when I was singing along to the Jap ver of KH1 theme tune on a bus once in Manchester… I beleve it was a “Magic Bus”. (The who? - There is really is a company with Buses labeled as “Magic Bus”)

Neb, you are right about the fact that eithinc minorties… I’d doubt how any one will do it…

Can’t argue with that, especially in cities like Birmingham and Leicester which do have a huge ethnic population and do actually need that representation.

Problem is that you can’t force people into jobs they don’t want to do.

I agree if you’re in northern and england and the people are whiter than albinos, its pointless, but there are communities where this will do some good and the act of placing a greater proportion of ethnic groups other than white people will help force the race problems within the force and from the force towards the populace. I can’t imagine that if people are racist towards other members of the force that they won’t be the same towards the people they’re supposed to police. I don’t think it’ll be particularly hard to get people into these jobs in these communities and regions where there are plenty of people from various backgrounds.

And Nutter, any decent martial arts course should show you a few disarming techniques at the very least, to fight off some dick head with a bat or bat like object.

It works even better on unarmed Brazilian immigrants.

Its funny that you said that because I thought of the exact same thing. I actually think that the weapons policy might’ve contributed to the misuse of the firearms in this case because people aren’t used to it and thus were not properly prepared for the kind of situation they came under.

When he said Unarmed… I thought he meant fire arms, ok… I know first hand that about a few disarming techniques, with or with out a bit of wood, I “volentered” in a class once, I got “kicked out” when it was discovered I tripped myself up more than anyone one else did. There You have it: Nutter trips up over his own feet.

I’m learning to prevent damage and stopping before I get near a bus. I’ve been so close to a moving bus wheel, you’d may not have had a Nutter at all.

Lincolnshire is white.

It’s the same in universities and medical schools. They give preference to those of ethnic minorities so that they have representatives in that aspect of society in the country. Unfair, perhaps, if taken to the extreme, but 40% isn’t really a ridiculous amount.

yeah, id rather the only people allowed to have guns to begin with not anyway. since you know, criminals never have guns or anything.

that’s a low blow about a situation that is still not completely misunderstood.

If you want to know, gun crime in the UK is a lot less than the US… but they want it down.

I don’t believe I ever said that the police shouldn’t be allowed to have guns. My concern had more to do with the mentality whose response to every crisis consists of trying to kill its way out of it and militarizing public institutions that have been deliberately kept separate from the military. Invariably, the more one advocates expanding such powers, the more one condones (or even approves of) their abuse.

What are you, five?

no, but he does live in a place where some people occasionally detonate themselves in public areas.

If you think that makes a difference, you have the same problem he does. I guess that’s why you’re not the one making these decisions -_-;;

I know I’d like a largely corrupt force shooting people in the back of the head on the street based on terrorism political differences , or simply what colour or religion they were. Oh, wait, that wouldn’t happen. After all, there is no evidence of needless police/government brutality in England when they did have guns. Well, other than Black Saturday, Bloody Sunday, that whole nasty Brazillian business. . . but those were poor people, Irish people, or non-whites, so who really gives a shit, right?
As long as those undercover you know, not wanyting to be found Terrorists get magically found so they can be shot in the head by the exact same Bobbies having weapons. You know, give a copper a gun, and he is suddenly able to tell who is a terrorist, where they will strike, how and when, and stop them. Or, failing that, at least catch them afterwards, you know like they did with the Birmingham Six.
Unless, of course, you’re implying the newly armed police should prevent terrorism without knowing who will be a terrorist by simply beating anyone who looks arab, wears baggy or concealing clothing or looks at them funny into submission, and then arresting them. Or would that be the pansy thing to do, and the police should rather simply draw a gun and shoot them in the back of the head more times than is ever required to kill a man, until their head is a scarley paste on the sidewalk? After all, even if they ended up innocent, it’ll keep the people on their toes, and what are a few innocent souls lost to protect us from TERRORISTS.

Who doesn’t?

As a side note, we should force feed everyone to have a tyrosine deficinecy and wear spandex.

I haven’t heard of any suicide bombings in Athens, Georgia since, well, forever. We did have a bomb scare in a school newspaper box a few weeks ago. Turns out it was a bag of muffins.