I wish I were kidding...

So today, a day that will forever haunt me, a programmer at my school was caught masturbating in class while looking at porn.

This, apparently, was not the first time he had been seen looking at naughty bits via our internet connection.

It has, since 3 hours ago, spread like wild fire to EVERYWHERE in the school… And the poor kid will probably leave.

But just as a note, why the HELL couldnt he have gone to the restroom to do that if he wanted to get off so badly…?

Moron. He brought it upon himself.

And how… I just hope it was worth the the stress he’s GONNA get for it…

High speed college connections can do that to a man.

According to reliable sources it was furry porn too… Would any of you have sex with your cat if he/she became human like? What the fuck is so hot about furry porn?! I guess I’ll never understand that subculture.

In class?

I’ve seen it happen before… it’s really fucking uncomfortable when a guy near you starts jacking off under his desk while your teacher explains how process logarithms.

Excuse me while I laugh my head off. :booster:

But that kind of stuff isn’t as rare as some may think. A few months ago, when I was in my former college’s computer room, using the connection there to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and do some catching up (this took place the previous time my connection was down), a guy sitting at a computer next to the one I was using was browsing some rather naughty sites, and I caught some rather suspicious moves with the corner of my eye. It really creeped me out, especially since the place was full at the time. O_o;

Because catgirls > you.

First off, theres a difference in digree… cat girls are one thing…

but anthropomorphic “bipedal animals” is another, and very fucked up, thing.


I never Need it at High School(11-16), or At collage (16+) partly of a certain young lady who remains nameless, who wanted to play with my “Joystick.”

Big Nutter
I alwasy had a hand down there… some times it wasn’t mine…


You said he was doing this while using the internet that’s why.

Not quite. Some people can do it very well. It depends really, on the artist. I wouldn’t suggest the majority of Doug Winger’s works for someone new to furry erotica (hell, I wouldn’t suggest most of it for someone who seen quite a bit of it… Doug Winger, while an fairly good artist, tends for the most part to draw some exceptionally disturbing material).

Now, I don’t consider myself a furry. The thought of dressing Weiila up as a cat and screwing her like that leaves me with a serious feeling of “Why the fuck would I do that?!?!” I don’t mind furries, but it’s not something I have a taste in.

That said, catgirls are two different breeds. Nekomimi appeal to me from the playful side of erotica. Sure, it’s exciting, but it’s also cartoonish. There’s never more than maybe a half-seriousness to it. I find human women erotic, and I find that the cat ears/tail gives it a playful edge. You want to laugh a bit as you play with them.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with a good laugh during sex. It IS adult “playtime” after all, and I do know from experience that it will make it more enjoyable.

On the other hand, anthropomorphic catgirls emphasize the sensual side of sex and erotica. There’s not as much playfulness as nekomimi. They tend to enphasize sultry, sensual, graceful things: the promise of delight. Cats, to many people, define grace and poise. In an often arrogant way, yes, but that’s not my point. And a good artist can use that to accentuate the scenario.

I’d go in further, but it’s morning, everyone’s up, and I’m in no mood to be… er, excited.

Both types, however, emphasize the two parts of sex that I hold highest: playfulness and sensuality. My stock answer is that it takes two of my favorite creatures, the cat and the human, and combines them nicely. But it really doesn’t sum up everything I think accurately or well enough.

And I really put too much thought into porn.

You should know as well as any man. You do NOT stand up like that.

There’s nothing wrong with that Star :mwahaha: .

Personally I prefer succubbi and French maids, but’s just me.

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And you make it into something even I wouldn’t touch. Nice.

In the classroom…that’s just bad taste. And rude.

All hail the wisdom of RPT.

And I’m unsure whether to be relieved that my boyfriend’s decision not to consider dressing me up as a catgirl, or worry about the fact that he put thought into it. ::dekar!::