I will teach you how to play Super Robot Wars J for the GBA!

Super Robot Wars is better than Fire Emblem.

There, now that it’s been said, we can continue.

Super Robot Wars is a turn-based RPG based in a composite universe made up of plot points, characters and villains from every Bandai-licensed show in the last twenty or so years that includes mechs of any kind. I can’t really explain the plot since I don’t know what the damned thing is, but that’s not why you play a Super Robot Wars game. You play a Super Robot Wars game to see all your favourite mechs throw down on each other with extremely elaborate sprite-based animations. For those interested, here’s a list of who you can expect to see in SRWJ:

G Gundam (Burning Finger and Devil Gundam what up)
Brain Powered (what)
SPT Layzner (no serioously what?)
Combattler V (gay for Voltes V)
Voltes V (gay for Combattler V)
Zeorymer (unknown)
Dancougar (most ridiculous transformation sequence ever)
Nadesico (OHAIYO ROBO-SAMA ^___^)
Full Metal Panic (Melissa Mao is hot ;-*)
Full Metal Panic Fumoffu (Bonta-Kun and a whole bunch of random crap!)
Tekkaman Blade (TEKSETAAAAA!!)

I’m making this thread since far too few people play these games, either because a) they only play the old, bad ones and b) they don’t want to bother to learn Japanese and memorise a bunch of attacks and skills.

Well that’s where this thread comes in. Here I will explain down to the minutest detail exactly what each command does in the latest GBA SRW game (the old ones are crappy, don’t play them). Let’s begin!

[u]Choose a Character[/u]

It really doesn’t make a difference which one you pick.

[u]Choose a Robot[/u]

Blue = Real long-range mech Bellzelute.
Violet = Real close-combat mech Coustwell.
White = Super Robot Granteed.

HP = Hitpoints
EN = Energy (used as MP for some attacks)
Movement = How far it can move in a turn
Mobility = The higher it is better your chance to dodge attacks
Armour = More armour means your mech takes less damage.


All marked.


Here you can highlight three different series as your Favourites. Mechs from these series will have their limiters removed and can be upgraded to the maximum into super-powerful death-machines.

After you confirm this you’ll be catapulted straight into your first battle.

[u]Piloting Basics[/u]

This is identical to Fire Emblem almost. When you select a robot you’ll get a short list which are from top to bottom;

Seishin (this will be explained later)

Moving with nothing in range will get you a single command to end that robot’s phase, and moving to within range of enemy will put another command on top of that one; Attack, which I’ll elaborate upon in a second. Pressing start will get you the usual suspects;

When you go to attack, you’ll be confronted with this;

Here’s what the various symbols mean;

Before the name

Fist = Close-combat attack
Plus = Long-range attack

After the name

P = Can be used after moving
B = Beam-based. Can be relflected by beam coatinsg and distortian fields.
G = Gravity-based. Can be reflected by distortion fields.
M = MAP attack. Covers an area of the map and hurts all units within it.
C = Combo-capable with another unit.
S = has a status effect when used.

Terrain Modifiers

These are Air, Ground, Water and Space in that order. What rank they are has certain effects;

S = 13% damage and accuracy bonus
A = No change
B = Damage and accuracy penalties
C = Severe penalties

  • = You cannot hit units standing on this terrain.

Confirm which attack you want then select the unit to attack. The final screen before it happens will show in huge numbers the % chance of you hitting each other. The far-right option ‘ON’ can be toggled to ‘OFF’ to switch off the attack animations (but why would you do that). Just end your turn when you’re out of units.

When someone attacks you the percentage screen will appear, but this time the button to the immediate right of confirm will be selectable to bring up a list of three more commands, which are from left to right;

Counterattack (select an attack as normal and use an attack after the enemy, assuming you’re still alive)
Defend (decrease damage taken)
Dodge (increase dodge chance)

Confirm when you’re ready. The first few battles are easily winnable with nothing more than this, and you can use the far-right and -bottom option in the between-battle menu to go to the next level and get some more mechs.

And that’s it for the first part of this guide. I’ll continue the thread shortly with a writeup of the next part which makes everyone despair; the between-battles menu screen!

Stay tuned, true believers!

Thanks Pie! Though you have the functions of the blue and violet robots switched. The violet one is the melee one and the blue one is ranged.

Whoops! Changed.

Time for part two; The Bigass Menu. This is the main reason people don’t play SRW games!

Pilot Status

Obvious. Nothing can be changed here.

Improve Pilot Stats

Simple. PPs are gained by killing enemies.

Equip Pilot Items

Select a pilot and give them items. I don’t know what the items do though. :frowning:

Switch Pilots

Swap pilots between mechs. Note pilots can only be swapped within their own universe’s mechs (no putting Kira Yamato in the Burning Gundam).

Robot Stats

Obvious. Full of useless info though.

[u]Upgrade Robot Stats[/u]

This uses the money you earn killing enemies/selling items.

Upgrade Robot Weapons

Only a single bar, increasing it makes attacks more powerful.

Equip Robot Items

Items list here: http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/super_robot_wars_j_items.txt (COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK)

[u]Change Robot Equipment[/u]

Change the modules of robots that can do this (i.e. Strike Gundam has several different configuratons).

[u]Change Music[/u]


[u]Save Game[/u]

See above.

[u]Sell Items[/u]

Sell items for money.


A list of seishin, who has them and what they do. For a list of Seishin check here: http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/super_robot_wars_j_seishin.txt (COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK).

[u]Rename Main Character Attacks[/u]

[u]Tsume Super Robot[/u]

A set of minigames that give you items and money for winning. Check here for what you need to do; http://db.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/super_robot_wars_j_tsume.txt (COPY AND PASTE THIS LINK).

Next Mission

Next Mission durr.

Almost done! Next and finally is the mechanics behind the game itself, stuff like teamups, morale and friendly-fire MAP weapons etc! AWESOME!

[u]Leadership Aura[/u]

When you mouseover a unit (usually a ship i.e. the Nadesico or Archangel) a blue aura emanates from them. The closer a unit is to this Leader unit the bigger the bonus they’ll get to their accuracy and evade.

[u]Friendship and Romances[/u]

Mouseover units. Any other units that flash blue orbs (friends) or hearts (lovers) will give a bonus if right next to the unit. This is cumulative as well so try and get a bunch of friendly units from the same series together for a big bonus to evade and critical skills.


Gained by killing units. The higher the morale the better the damage, speed and accuracy of your own characters. Some attacks can’t be used without the right amount of Morale.

[u]Combo System[/u]

Attacks can be used with with or without a combo system have a ‘C’ next to them when the other unit is adjacent.


Units that are Aces (more than 50 kills) start with +5 morale.

[u]Re-equipping and Switching deployed units[/u]

Units with modular weaponry (Strike Gundam) can be placed inside a battleship to change their modules! You can also send out a different unit if you want.

[u]MAP attacks[/u]

Certain MAP attacks ignore friendly units (Freedom’s huge beam-assault). Don’t test this though.

And that’s it. Now you have no excuse for not playing this game. Unless you hate robots. In which case you’re quite possibly insane. Go back to Fire Emblem then, you pansies.

Do all these yellow outlined squares around my ship mean? I’ve noticed that a few of my units give some sort of error message if they aren’t kept within it.

Less text, more Pretty Pictures. Rust Monsters Shall Thank You. Possibly.

Goddamn i wish i had this when i played through the game :stuck_out_tongue:

I stopped reading there. >_>

I don’t get the G Gundam hate. Sure, it’s not your typical Gundam show, but it was an awesome super robot show. Besides, Master Asia and Schwarz Bruder are so awesome.

And yes, some of the mecha designs were…dumb. Zebra, Sailor, and Nether Gundam come to mind >>

Thanks Pierson for the pictures, as I rather like the method you did to show what the menus say. By the way, do you think a picture of the battles against another character will be needed, as I haven’t played the game yet, so I wouldn’t know.

Hey, I was just pointing out he used Burning Finger instead of God Finger, which it is in the original. I’m not hating on G Gundam. I liked it. :stuck_out_tongue:

K, cool :smiley:

Know of anywhere with all the mission objectives translated? The guide I was looking at only goes to mission 17, and some of the missions prior to that point had some funky objectives, so it would follow that later missions would as well.