I want YOU

to go to my subsite and contribute strategies!!! NOW!!!

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ZOMG Protoss > Terran.

I was wondering when this place was going to be back. Nice job Cless. :smiley:


You have missed the Insurrection Mission Pack, released officially by Blizzard before Brood War and that including campaigns for all three races! You FAIL.

In your strategy for the scenario “Drawing of the Web” (number 7 in the Brood War Zerg campaign), you advise making Mutalisks. However, as I recall, you can’t actually make any air units in that mission.

we want you! we want you! we want you in the captain’s crew!


You stole my line Kami! Hmmmmm, howa’ bout this? What if I don’t WANNA?

Here’s a strategy for you! “If you a see a unit, kill it with a BC!!” OMG LOL!!!

BCs suck. Just like YOU.

I like it when Some Terran units’ let a {Bleep} out…

Big nutter
“Oh My God! He’s Whacked!”

But I’m - too sexy for your strategies!
Your strategies!
Your strategies!
Oh so sexy!

I want you too cless…


(Finds Disk with cd key in it) Winner, Just Found the Disks. Broodwars here i come


Thanks, I meant to type Lurkers but was thinking of Mutalisks for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:



I’m not sure, but I think detectors hit by Optic Flare can no longer detect, despite what the page on Medics says. I havn’t tested this, but I’ve heard it around.