I want to know how to do something.

:moogle:In FFVIII, where do you get the stuff to summon Moomba and MiniMog? Are they only in something called Chocobo world, or what? I know they both need items like Chicobo, but I heard of something called the PocketStation, or something. Does anyone know?

Yeah, the Pocketstation was a cute little memory card device, like Dreamcasts Memory Card. You could download content on to it from a PS game, upload, etc. I believe the Moomba summon and Minimog were exclusive to that, and though sony insisted for a couple years it would come out in the US, alas, it never did.

Actually, no you can use an item to summon the moomba. Dont remember which one it was, but Minimog was Pocketstation-only.

The PC version lets you get them.

:enguard:Thanks guys! But what does Chocobo World get you then? I know It’s not in the US, and it wouldn’t have been worth it anyway, but what was it good for getting?

when you become able to summon chicobo, he starts off with basic attacks, but if you level him up by playing with him on the pocket station, his attacks eventually grow stronger. i didn’t even know about the whole moomba minimog summon thing, that would have been awesome. i <3 moombas, they’re like chibi red xiii’s

:moogle:Yeah, the Moomba does non-elemental damage. If Hojo got Nanaki and Aris to breed, you’d probably get ether a Moomba or Kimari.:hahaha;

Chocobo World is a black and white game playable using the Pocketstation. MiniMog and Moomba are not really that great.

If you wish to experience how to play Chocobo world, you may get Final Fantasy VIII for the PC.

I’ve got some images of Chocobo World, but I do not know how to put images around here. (I just signed up for an account today.)

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Here’s Moomba summon-
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yNjo7J99P8&feature=related Awww!
And Minimog- http://youtube.com/watch?v=NaMnBT4jDi8&feature=related The coolest dance.:moogle:
And Chicobo- http://youtube.com/watch?v=eh-qPJv2kvs&feature=related That’s a lot of damage for a fat chocobo.
And Phoenix- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VieYx2uLTjc&NR=1 Woah.

Hey, can anyone re-post the links to the new summon sequences? The ones in a new game only in Japan so far or something. I wish I remembered what game the thread was talking about. The thread is gone and I wanted to see them again. Anyone know what I’m babbling about?