I want to cry

meh. the girl they’re showing isn’t even that attractive. Maybe they should put her in leather… then it can be “the game that’ll whip you into shape!” ;p

Why do I suddenly get a feeling that this is very inspired by DoAXV :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your pun 8P

Just cry Sinistral. Let it all out. We don’t mind.

Naked skin and bouncing boobs sell. Sadly. That is why we get games like this and DoA XV.

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I like your pun 8P

Never mind that whips are MY girlfriend’s schtick.

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…You need an excuse?

You do remember that it is supposed to prevent prostate cancer :hahaha; ?

This doesn’t surprise me one bit, considering some of the things cranking out of Japan. I just learned that there is an anime called “Do you like Naked Bunnies?” or something like that, and no it is not a Playboy thing.

Uh … I’d just let Mayl handle this subject, except that, on seeing that page, she locked herself in her bedroom, and now there’s the sounds of forehead hitting wall repeatedly. So instead, I’ll let Ultros take it.

:ulty: UWEE HEE HEE HEE! Boobies!

Okay, bad idea. … Strong Bad?

Put me down for one “Holy crap!” How about you, da Cheat?


Yep, I’m with the Cheat on that one …


Woo, looks like there’s a lot of gameplay in this.