I want this case


Hot damn!

just drools

uh - yay?

Now that’s one way to attract odd glances…

What Ammo case is that, anyway? Cuz I want the gun it goes too. Ooh, maybe it’s like a radioactive isotope-filled rail gun, and I can snipe people knowing that even if they live, they’ll die from cancer anyway…eeeheeheeheee…


Man that fucking rules. The lighting is just too cool.

Can I have this instead?

And surely, most of you, certainly the males, would rather have this?

Nulani: Err… not really. I’ll make mine a “plain.”

Uh … right. What IS that robot thing, anyway?

Originally posted by Yar Kramer
Uh … right. What IS that robot thing, anyway?

It’s a computer case. What did you think? A PS2 accessory<a href=“mailto:liek omr! it’s a Megatokyo reference!”>?</a>


I think he means who’s the bitch supposed to be? Possibly Olga from MGS2.