I want pity too! (Although I wont be able to read it anyway)

OK. Note to self: Never delete .dll files without checking what it might do to your computer first. I will have to keep that in mind. Cause I was smart enough to screw my comp up even more. Which always happens when I try to fix it. So now I cant use my internet anymore, which will prevent me from coming to the boards and chat for a while. Just thought I’d tell you that. (Am at a friend’s brother’s comp right now. Might use school computer in the future if I have time.)
Pity me. :too bad;



Come back soon.:too bad;

I see Mabo got a deathwish =P

Hear ye hear ye! Maboroshi Abyll is now known as Wertigon Wannabe

I want a petition to change his title to that.
DT: ;_;


In general, don’t delete anything that you don’t know what is. Windows like crashing and will use any chance it has to do so.

Cya, when ya finally learn how to fix your computer porperly.

It seems I get to use this picture more and more latley

I would hve sworn you reached that point a long time ago Exo.

Awww, cya around DT, hopefully you’ll be back when i’m finished with basic training!

Originally posted by Xelopheris
Hear ye hear ye! Maboroshi Abyll is now known as Wertigon Wannabe

I find it ironic that we are telling her good luck, but she cant hear us. Uh well, good luck.

I second the “don’t delete anything unless you know what it is” rule.