I think I will reinstate my complaint about BSG

Warning: May contain spoilers about seasons 1 and 2


wat i hate this

get out

In the future people will obviously be super intelligent and will have created Matrix-like avatars of what a Cylon logic bomb would look like so they could plug in and defeat with martial arts. That is how they would find it in days.

Asian male goes to China

Spends entire trip on internet

News at 11

They did a print out of all of the ship’s programming. It took like 8 pages. Sharon pointed at like two lines and was like “that’s it”.

Note that this was a super-awesome intelligent “logic bomb” that evolved and tests the ship’s defenses and could only be defeated with format c:

Their entire battlestar runs on code that looks like this:

if enemy
then shoot
goto pew pew pew

and the Cylon logic bomb did this:

if enemy
then sometimes not shoot! also, evolve around ship’s defenses
goto pew pew pew

also shut up zep i went to tiantan and beihai so i’m tired ok >:E

Can’t they just google it?

I don’t care about BSG’s shortcomings—Tricia Helfner is all that matters.

I stand by my martial arts avatar solution.

hey man tell me about yourself

I luv ur boooody! :slight_smile:

Somebody set up us the bomb!

Alas, poor Gatta.

The only break he caught in that show was the fact that noone suffered explosive diarrhea. For if somebody had, he’d been the one holding the bucket.