I think Hurricane Rita's trying to tell us something

I don’t even need to comment on this unretouched picture.

Seriously? Not photoshopped? o_O

This does not bode well.

Wow! The USA is fucked! :get it?:

Yep, I think that’s a definite message of “UR SCREWED!”

From behind.

Uh, there’s a metamagic feat that allows you to bend your Fireballs spell to whichever way you want?

Erm- Screwed… Good and Proper…

Maybe ‘don’t build coastal cities in hurricane-prone areas’?

or ‘don’t talk about how god loves you so much.’


The penis is backwards :frowning:

Lovely Rita, meeter maid

As the direct decendent of Isaac Cline, I predict that Galveston is once again screwed.

Yep. We’re screwed/fucked/s3xx0r’d.

oh shit it’s coming <small><small>for us</small></small>!

Enjoy your new waterfront property!

it looks like a penis.

Rita’s just horny.

isn’t that the general idea the last one tried to get across? or was that just a don’t build below sea level deal?

Eh, it’s trying to tell you you should plug the strait between the United States and Cuba with what looks like a giant brown-red penis?