I think a Mega Man 9 would be cool.

I had think of a title that wouldn’t mislead you guys or get your hopes up, which is why the title is corny/stupid/cheesy/whatever.

Anyway, as for teh topic. I was thinking, and I think it would be pretty cool to have a Mega Man 9 game where all the lose ends of Dr. Wright (or whatever spelling you prefer), Dr. Wily, Mega Man, Zero maybe, etc. are tied up. Like X4 and the fighter games on the Aniversary Colleciton show that Wily made Zero, which would be cool to have fleshed out. It could also show what happened to Mega Man and why he isn’t in the X universe. I think that there would be plenty of cool possibilities. Zero could be introduced some how and clear his past up, I think it would be pretty cool. What do you guys think?

I think I remember a thread in which we bitched about how we would like to see a MM9. Pre-deletion though so don’t bother looking.

Yes, a ninth game would be a really cool. Especially if the Bob & George interpretation of the cataclysm turns out to be true and we get to see Zero killing Doc Light :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh… The Megaman world seems too HappyHappyYayYayWeeFun to have show someone murdering someone else. Zero wouldn’t fit into that world. : \

That was then, this is now. Nowadays it would be perfectly plausible to see blondie slaughtering humans (Heck, you see him doing that on X4).

No, I mean the regular Megaman world. The X world is a lot more chaotic. How many years into the future is X supposed to be?

A hundred, I think. And yes, you have a point.

However, whatever was the reason for why X’s capsule was left forgotten couldn’t have been pretty.

Isn’t Rockman and Forte MM9?

The thing is, in X4 Zero has a flash back of Dr. Wily. Also, if you beat the Power Battlers or whatever with Bass, Wily says how he’s working on a new robot that will be more powerful than any he’s ever created. It then shows Zero’s outline in a capsule and they make some reference about Zero’s pnytail making him look female. Also, I think Zero had been around a little bit before X was discovered in his capsule, but I’m not sure. Zero could fit in the world of Mega Man. Hell, Zero’s presence in Mega Man 9 could eb the reason for X being created and kept in a capsule for so much time. Also, the world of X being much more chaotic is partly why a Mega Man 9 would be cool because it could should some of that transition.

No, Mega Man and Bass is Mega Man and Bass. The game is out on GBA, as exactly that. However, it isn’t Mega Man 9.


Sigma turned maverick after his fight with Zero, and the MH recovered Zero’s body and reprogrammed him to take Sigma’s place. He was already the leader of the 0 Unit of Maverick Hunters when X woke up.

There are hints that one of X’s main purposes was to eliminate Zero.

Also, how the hell ‘Prometheus,’ survived the cataclysm should be explained.

I personally think megaman should be a decathalon, with nine tying up most of the pre-X loose ends, and ten being the cataclysm; the entire game, just one massive, uphill battle. At the end, no-matter what happens, you die, near the end of the game. Then, you take on the roll of zero and fight through the fight with Sigma, who would be the final boss. It would be kind of Megaman Ten and X0, or something.
Honestly, I just want to get to play through the cataclysm.

Exactly, it would just be cool to have those hints fleshed out and actually see them.

That’s a good idea Arac and sort of what I’m thinking. Although it would be better to play as Sigma and show his time before he went Maverick and show his switch with Zero. Hell, even before playing as Sigma, it could show Wright creating X to combat this new type of robot sicec Mega Man is being ineffective. It could also show why X is so powerful in that he came later than Sigma, Zero, and the Maverick Hunters and was designed with their new type fo conflict in mind. This would also tie into the first level of X1 where Zero tells X that he isn’t ready yet. Zero would have known about X’s creation and capabilities.

I think it would be cool to play the Cataclysm with Zero, since he’s the only conscious character that survives and goes trough the whole thing (Who would Megaman fight against if he’s supposed to die?).

Who the heck is Prometheus? Yes, I read the B&G comic but I’ve never seen him on the X games.

Prometheus is Blues/Protoman. I think he was in X4, but I’m not sure. I know he’s in one of the X games, because I never saw him in B&G (I’ve only read through the first few storylines).
He actually might have been in that one MMX anime that never got really got finished or released. I know he’s been mentioned somewhere in the shattered Megaman canon.

I was thinking, in the Cataclysm game, you would play megaman for just a few levels, and then he would die, at which point you control Zero. Maybe you could take over Sigma sometime too, although I much prefer Zero, as a character.

Also, VILE really needs an explanation in the game. Because he claims to be more powerful than Sigma, and seems to rebuild himself, with no help.

I played X1 trough X6 and I have yet to see him pop up somewhere. And trust me, if I had seen him I would have noticed, he was my favorite character in the Classic saga.

Vile was rebuilt by Doppler in X3. I know he appears in either X7 or X8 but I know nothing of that.

He was my favourite too =D Prometheus probably was in the anime… I’ll look and try and find out now. Or, I’ll just wait for a while. I went to an insane concert last night, and I honestly still can’t think completely straight…

I played through XIII in French (for reasons I still don’t know), which I’m not entirely fluent in, so… I probably just missed Vile’s rebuilding.

I’ve played 1-6, also, so I don’t know about the others either.

EDIT: It looks like ‘Prometheus’ is the American fan-sub name of the ‘Blues Resurrection’ manga, in which, Blues cloned himself a body and programmed his brain into it to survive the cataclysm. He formed the Reploid (Or ‘Irregular’) Hunters, also, if I’m right about his origin. Then, he vanished mysteriously before any of the X games, and is only eluded to occasionally.

Ok, time to get everything straight here, because I’ve researched the history & links to these games meticulously. (These are MY OPINION from the resaearch I’ve done.)

First with Megaman:
X is Megaman, Megaman is X. Period.
After the events of RM9 (Rockman & Forte, released in the SNES at around 92), Wily was nowhere to be seen, because of this, Dr. right decided now is the time to complete his ‘X’ project. Megaman was the beta of the ‘new kind of robot’, capable to make his own decisions, to have his own mind. During the Wily Wars (RM1-4) Right was too busy helping with Rockman’s upgrades for any real progress in the ‘X’ Project. Slowly he completed portions of it. After the time of peace, Rockman was upgraded & studied by Dr. Right. He became very old, & thus could not continue his research. Thus Dr. Right sealed the completed Project X while the capsule tested his systems as he was testing them. His research was supposed to be completed in 30 years. Then Rockman X would be fully reliable and his abilities fully tested. Around 100 years later, Professor Cain was at an archeological dig, and a cave-in occured, in front of him was a capsule, with a robot inside. He took it with him to his laboatory, and after studying it, opened it & found the message left by Dr. Right. X’s systems were fully functional & it appeared that he was indeed reliable, then Dr. Cain decided to use X’s designs to create a whole new generation of robots…the Reploids. It stands for Android Replica. Mavericks did not rise out of this yet, and everything seemed to be going perfectly fine. The Armor upgrades for X are the same capsules everytime, they develop new data & parts for X in case his power is needed again to save the world…or destroy it.
(It’s what Right meant in the warning…if X ever wanted to destroy/take over the world, all he would have to do is find the Capsules…which move all by themselves, and have Rights data within them, and use the data and parts to be a weapon like the world has never seen)

It is rumored that while the X project was Right’s greatest work, Wily created the Zero system and the Zero virus. The Zero system was was gave Bass his unique abilities. (Forte was a beta of Zero, in my belief.) After Wily’s dissapearance, he was indeed not dead, but very close to, so he sealed his mind into a digital form, and placed the Zero Virus, the Zero system (Forte), & all his data within a capsule and sealed it, allowing for the Zero System & Zero Virus to become one. Eventually, the capsule would open automatically & Zero would be able to take the world in Wily’s name. Apparently the effect of the Zero Virus on ‘Zero’ had caused him to become wild and violent. Sometime after the Reploid Defence Army (Later they came to call themselves the ‘Repliforce’) was formed by reploids to protect humans (like police), Leutenant Sigma was ordered to investigate a strange cave-in. Apparently anyone sent to investigate never returned. Sigma investigated & found a severely damaged Zero. In this battle, Sigma was infected with the Zero virus. Zero, due to the high amount of damage he sustained, was found and rebuilt by Cain as a Reploid, thus explaining his memory loss. Sigma hadn’t been seen since the battle. Unlike X’s Armor upgrades, Zero evolves.
(Wily really did a job on that Zero system, over large periods of time, Zero’s appearance will change, as he will evolve to confront new enemies. Examples of this would be all over the Megaman Zero series.)

There, hope this clears up a few things. Any questions, I’ll see if I can answer them.

Vile is a Reploid, he was created after through X’s design, as all Reploids are. Vile hasn’t been really explained much in any of the series, but he does seem to have some connection with Dynamo, in the fact that they’re mercenaries & seem to come back all by themselves. I have no clue about Blues at all…but if he is Prometheus, it wouldn’t surprise me. Oh, the dog reploid you battle before Sigma in the first X game…doesn’t it look a lil like Treble?

It WOULD be cool to see a game that played out the turning point between the original series and the X series. Probobly won’t happen, though.

Gil: Looks good, but you got two things wrong:
[li]Repliforce was created between X3 and X4 (Where XtremeII takes place). Sigma was the leader of the 0 Unit of MH before his battle with Zero.
[/li][li]Zero does not evolve at all. The Black Armor is given to him in X5 by Light but otherwise, he doesn’t suffer any physical changes during the X games. Whatever system Willy created would most likely be destroyed along the line if you consider that Zero blew up twice. The structural change in MMZ has two explanations:
[/li]1)It is simply a new artwork.
2)Zero’s body isn’t actually Zero’s body. It’s a replica created by Weil.

Ok, I’ll assimilate that with my current data, otherwise, is my data anywhere near correct?