I suck at art

It was sposed to be good, but I gave up.

still, it’s pretty good.

it’s creepy, but sad. it reminds me kinda of edward scissorhands, which is pretty rockin’.

-mazrim taim

The degree to which the drawing is realistic (or “naturalistic” as my Art History teacher calls is) does not directly relate to the quality of the picture.

Exactly, it’s the emotion conveyed that counts. It reminds me of a poem by Fröding (Angel’s and Devil’s Love, I translated them before… lesse… here). Another of his poems is about him sitting behind bars (mental bars) that will not break even if he tears at them, trying to get out into the world.

It’s good for the emotion. Strong and creepy… but I liek it.

For some reason I related it immediately to a job interview I had in Indianapolis once. The man took me over to the window and asked me what I saw… He was slightly eccentric, as well as the entire interview was… It’s funny how we relate something whether work or school related, or like Weiila said, as mental bars.

And yes, I worked for the company for years…

The drawing has emotion, that matters more than how it looks.