I saw the sign.

It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign…


“Pork the ones you love.” Damn, that is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen…

Its good to know that Texas has good moral standards. (this was a sign in Dalas)

I miss school…

Now that would be a funny movie.


Golfing gets scarrier every year… O_O

Thanks guys, It was hard to jump off this cliff all by myself.


Truer words have never been known by man.

People just keep getting weirder don’t they?

These were all posted a while ago. The last one came from an image generator that let you put anything you wanted on the church sign; my favorite was “Controlling your minds for over 5 thousand years” :cool:

Your spelling is atrocious. F minus minus.

I’ve seen worse. And real ones.

Forgot to take photos.

I’ve seen those, but not online.

i guess i post too:

points to sig

Damn, what was JC thinking??? Dunkin cant hold a candle to Krispy Kreams…

Suddenly I feel as though my faith has been all for nothing; my savior doesn’t even like good donuts

Your sig is the thing that kinda started me looking for funny signs.

You know what would REALLY be funny?

If those signs were real.

I think they are. Like the Anal Exams one, it’s supposed to say Final Exams, but the I got blown off and onto the F, which turned it into an A. Which is why it looks funny. The Erin Brokovich Screwed My Dog Skip thing is real too, it’s just the sign for movie theaters showing what movies they have out.

The rest are fake.

I think this one is real too. I’ve seen this hapen a lot, you put up a normal sign without noticing that it has a double sense.

Damn, isn’t it amazing what even a little bit of Photoshop skillz can create?

Yes. The problem is when people who have a “little bit” of Photoshop skills think they can use it for actual imagery.

I believe the Methodist church one could be real. There was one like that said that or another version there of by my school.


In red, nonetheless. Ouch. Just as long as we don’t have a cookie debt because of this one…

This site has a bunch of road signsand billboards, real and photoshopped. A Unix buff might enjoy the sign linked here .