I refuse to let OL die!

hey every1, I am Bp3500, youtube LP-er, Runescape/funorb/flash game player, and Webcomic reader.
I found OL through Macc’s HQ, which I found through the Macc’s FARTS/Bob and George crossover in BobandGeorge. I got into Webcomics a few years ago, through a site simply called “Jish’s Junk,” Jish being youtube user bikdiponabus, my fav LP-er on Utube.
well, enough about me.

This thread is dedicated to the possible ressurection of the webcomic, Online Life, by Everyone’s /other/ favorite spoony bard, Spoonybard. I want people’s support about it’s ressurection, which /will/ happen.

Even if I have to hack myself into Spoony’s hard drive and use a pheonix down, about 15 elixers, and 5 reraise spells on it. (can’t think of a clever emote for it… oh, I know!) :booster:

I started reading OL about 3 days ago, and finished it yesterday. (sue me for having no life, friends are hard to come by when you are an Autistic RPG-loving video game player that despises Call of Duty solely because it stole half the world from liking classic games.) I was sad to see it wasn’t finished, and almost cried. Hopefully, my (and others, if they want to join me) wishful… wishes reach Spoony’s mind… or something like that.

To X2K
For your sake, I tried my very best not to sound like a lamer just so that you don’t ragnarok buster me into oblivion.

To Zero
Sorry for kinda sorta doing what I did with my avatar. It’s the only avatar I have, and I always thought Zero was cool. ^_^"

What the fuck? What are you advertising?

I’m not advertising anything. >=(
If you don’t know what OL is, maybe you should look at the section this thread is in!

I just meant that most new people are bots.

well, I didn’t know that. i’m not a bot, just a Spoonybard and Macc fan.

Anyhoo, I think spoony left a while ago. I think he even made a thread about it.

That really isn’t true. If you go to spoonybard’s character page, it says he’s been in agora for the past couple of days. I checked that before making this thread

I didn’t say he doesn’t ever come back. I just meant that he isn’t as active as the other people around here.

technically you did say that. you said he “left,” which tells me he doesn’t come here anymore.

actually, technically, every time you log out and walk away from the computer you ‘leave’.

I believe that conversations going in this direction might be a contribution to the dwindling population of the agora, and the short life-span of the occasional non-bot new member.

I will not let my views on RPGC die out anytime soon, I assure you.

I’m still here. Maybe I’m just a shit eater.

Let’s get back on topic now.
have you actually read OL?

Spoony has unfortunatly bigger things on his plate. Like finding a job in his field and not one that leads to soulcrushing depression.

I don’t really take offense to the avatar choice, so don’t worry about it.

I wonder what his field is.

I hope spoony can get his life back on track. maybe I could start a SAVE ONLINE LIFE fund, or something…
eh, spoony is probably too modest to take money like that, but who knows.
and about the avatar thing, it’s mostly because of the problems people have between the old and new zero, and to avoid aggrivation, I won’t go into which one I like more. Let’s just say “to each their own.”