I normally don't do this....

But I figured I would post an editorial on the election, by none other than sean baby. http://www.thewavemag.com/pagegen.php?pagename=article&articleid=25041
To me he makes some valid points on both sides of the election.

I love it.

Wow. I think this is the first time you’ve ever acknowledged my presence.

That was great!

Good stuff.

Other TV shows seem to respect and accommodate our lifestyle. I can come in during the middle of Fear Factor, and it’s quickly explained to me which of the bikini girls ate the most giraffe colons while she was water skiing. The presidential debates should be this viewer-friendly. While Bush is mocking Kerry’s flip-floppery with rehearsed sound bites, they should have a color commentator bring up an instant replay showing how Bush’s point was already proven false.

This is great.

Very nice and very true about the American TV-Media.

It’s true. Sinistral is so impersonal. He’s like… a giant walking bank, with less money though. Until he becomes a doctor anyway.

And I loved it too.