I need this today! (4/27)

Um, I’m supposed to do some sorta test for my psychology class. I’m doing a personality quiz thing, and I need ideas for mulitple choice questions. Um, if you need more detail, say so.

  1. Are you freaking insane?

  2. Do you like to eat pizza wth strange toppings?

  3. Favorite color?

If you were a flower, how big would your penis be?

(Sorry, just watched Spin City.)

Like I told you in the chatroom, you should check out online personality tests and see what kind of questions they use. (( www.thespark.com have one)) then create your own using those…

Ask a lot of “If you were blank, then what would you be?” and “If you had blank, then what would you do?” type questions.

i can usually tell the kind of person someone is by asking them one question:

do you have an uncontrollable bloodlust?

at which point i will get one of three possible answers: yes, no, or “what the **** is a bloodlust?”

if they say yes, stay far away from them.

Okies, I finished my test! Maybe someday I’ll figure out how to put it online and have you guys take it. :slight_smile: Thanks for the input!

No problem

i hope you used my “uncontrollable bloodlust” question.

but whether you did or didn’t, i also hope that whoever you show it to likes it.:stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait.