I need something identified.

Ok, so, I was watching TV today and I happened across one of those movie stations with no commercials. It was playing a ‘classic’ dubbed anime movie and I was about 30 seconds too late to catch the title. I was unable to watch the entire movie and although I doubt it was all that good it was somewhat intriguing. IT seemed to be about a desert world with encroaching jungle filled with dangerous insects and poisonous spores. The title character was dressed in blue and I think her name was Nosica or something. I also caught something about a “Giant Warrior” and how the world was destroyed in seven days after they found some big ass, pulsating pink thing in a crashed airship.

So, uh, anyone know what it is?

By your description, that sounds like “Nausicaä of the Wind Valley”. It’s a very famous Miyazaki flick.

That would be Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind By Hayao Miyazaki. its a very good movie if… wait no comercials? What channel is that?

It’s on a Canadian station called “Turner Classic Movies”. And thanks for the ID nows I cans finds and watch it. I think what caught my attention was the fact that Patrick Stewart played some guy named Yupa.

Woh I didn’t know Nausicaa was that old. O_o

It wasn’t, they’ve just been doing Miyazaki movies every thursday this month, Castle in the Sky came on right after Nausica. And I missed both. ;_;

There wouldn’t happen to be a series of the movies would there? As I turned the TV on four hours later and it was playing another movie with the same characters in it but subtitled.

really late…and too late because the special tcm was having is over…but TCM was playing the movies twice. Once dubbed and later in the evening subbed. There isn’t a series of Nausica. The closest thing I’ve seen to having a sequel is Cat Returns. The cat featured in that is brought up in another movie before it called Whisper of the Heart or something like that.

The movie came out in 1984. So it’s getting up there.

Jango: As for a series of movies, Miyazaki’s character designs tend to be very similar to each other. Clarisse in Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro and Fio from Porco Rosso look very similar to Nausicaa for example.

Alternatively, they could have just been showing the same movie again, but this time with subtitles.

If you’re interested about learning more on Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, Nausicaa.net is a great information site.

Wish I had that channel though.