i need some advice

i almost finished might and magic 7, 12 hours left at most:P
So i wanted to ask you people if you could give me some advice.

i’d like to know what rpg’s are good,
are there any with a steampunk theme that play well?
are there any with a excessive amount of violence and humor?

Or just generally games you people loved:P

You might like Planescape: Torment. It has that weird blend of archaism and futuristic technology, lots of gore and death (the main character is essentially a living corpse), and characters who are elaborately developed and often humorous.

If you’re just looking for the best RPGs, you’ll want to try Final Fantasy 6-7, Chrono Trigger and Baldur’s Gate 2.

Play Baldur’s Gate 1 first if you’re going to play 2. Makes it all the better =D

Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura?

For me, the answer to all 3 questions would be Penny Arcade Adventures. :slight_smile:

While not exactly steampunk, the Fallout games (and their precursor, another of my favourites, Wasteland) come pretty close to fitting the bill as a result of the limited technology available after nuclear war leads people to live more without it. The feeling is similar, with a little more Western grit than Victorian elegance. The violence is ridiculous and is a part of the game’s sublime humour. In Wasteland, text descriptions explain, quite humorously, the results of one’s actions; “Reducing the Biker into a thin, red paste.” Or the moment when it informs one, following the right sequence of actions, that one cannot continue in that direction, as “You’ve got your balls to the wall.” In Fallout, the graphic interface features character building options that serve no purpose beyond increasing the gore, which, in turn, is part of the game’s over-the-top, campy atmosphere.

Planescape is great, too.

Try the Grandia, Wild Arms, and/or Dark Cloud series.

Also Septerra Core (although I’ve heard that it’s a bit slow moving).

I agree with Arac.

Septerra Core is slow moving btw.

System Shock 2 isn’t squarely an rpg or steampunk or humorous or violent (ok, I lied) but on the other hand it has elements of all these and you can jump right into its 1st person engine, especially if you didn’t play MM in turn-based mode.

i’ll look at all of these:D

thanks people

Totally unrelated, but that Glasgow-smiley guy on your av/sig scares me deeply. Deeply.

Just play Prototype

I take that as a very big compliment:P

also, isn’t prototype for xbox 360/ps3 because i don’t own those