I need help with Radiata Stories

I know there’s a thread about this game in this exact page but it’s about the ending, so I refuse to look at it in fear of spoilers.

My questions: Is there a way to beat Cross at Fire Mountain (Faery Path)? I heard you can, but the battle ends as soon as he uses Celestial Line even though I have more than enough HP to resist it (I have around 1900, Celestial Line does 1100-1200). I already beat Elwen, I don’t want to lose to this asshole.

Also, exactly what goes over to New Game+? I know that the Friends List is saved, but does that mean I can put anyone in the list on my party right from the start or do I have to recruit them all over again? Same thing with items, do the weapons and armors roll over too?

From what I’ve heard, only the perishable “items”, money, formations, and friend book characters continue over. You gotta get the weapns and armor and stuff all over again.

However, since money transfers, it should be fairly easy when you start out.

Sucks, the Alefstrain looks bitching on Jack. So what about Cross?

He kicked my ass as well as the ass of every strategy guide author… I dunno, lol.

I’m guessing that its an event trigger that would give you the same ending regardless of if he gets to use his special move on you or not…

Like some of the Final Fantasy fights where even if you win, the main character is all hunched over like “Oh noes, how could I loose to him??”

I’m going to try the same thing I did with Elwen, namely running the fuck away when he starts charging and letting Gil or Clarence take the hit.

Who’s your favorite healer? I’m using Keane but I haven’t found anyone I really like since I lost Miranda.

Non-human healers sort of suck. The guide sugests going with an all offense approach with Gruel, JJ, and Galvados.

I still haven’t reached the point where you can recruit them, but I have to say Gil is awesome as an offensive character, easily on par with Nocturne, Caesar and Gerald in terms of damage dealing. His defense sucks though.

Screw it. he doesn’t want to aim anyone else but Jack and I can only keep breaking his charges for so long. Besides, I’m pretty sure I dealt him enough damage to take out the training dummy Cross at least three times. On with the story then.

I <3 Ganz. Too bad he doesn’t get to keep the awesome Claude costume.