i need help for my RS1 & 2 ROM

i just found translation patches for RS1 and 2. and i dont know how to use them :bowser:

If you’re using ZSNES then naming the ROM and the patch the exact same will allow ZSNES to automatically patch the ROM upon loading it. If SNES9X doesn’t do this as well, then find a copy of IPS.EXE and use that. Using IPS.EXE will permanently patch the ROM, so make sure you make a backup copy first. This is why I prefer using ZSNES - patch switching is easy.

And for the record, there aren’t any full translations of RS1 or RS2 yet (unless I’m way behind the times). So don’t get your hopes up too far about these patches.

Beh. We need a good RS1/2 patch. I’d like to say 1 needs the patch, but unless incorrectly patching a game can cause in-game glitches (gameplay, characters etc.), then RS1 is one gliiiiitchy son of a bitch.

I use this program to patch most games


With Romancing Saga though, don’t. It makes you get warped when buying magic.