I need a web server.

Well, I recently activated the 300 megs of web space my ISP provides to their customers. It’s great and all, but I was dismayed when I figured out that they don’t allow the execution of CGI, PHP, or any server-side processing scripts. They won’t even let me use a simple hit counter. It’s really stupid.

So anyways, here I am, asking anyone here in the RPGC community if they know of a free (or very cheap, but I prefer FREE) web server which allows me, a novice webmaster (paradox, anyone?), to tinker around and learn the ins and outs of php, cgi, and perl while running a cool site. Lots of space and bandwidth isn’t really necessary, nor is a domain. I prefer FTP uploads over browser transfers, however.

Any help is welcome. Thanks! :moogle:


Make one out of a gamecube, there was a thread on that a while ago

I’m sure Geocities is still free. It has the Web builder that homestead has. So it’s quite usefull if you get use to it.

Stormy, perhaps you didn’t read, but he needs PHP, CGI, and other executables.

I use Clandemonium (All prices there are in Canadian BTW). They’re very good, and my old girlfriend went down more often than they did.

Ads are bad. Very bad.

The only redeeming quality of the space from my ISP is that there are no forced ads.

Edit: Clademonium looks real good, but I need to get cash first.

Ask me.
But mine doesn’t support CGI, only PHP.