I must be cursed(regarding FFXI)

Okay, so i finally exchanged my defective copy for a new copy that works. GREAT. But guess what. BA NA NA. The frickin update will take me 10 hours to download. Isnt that lovely ? SOOOO i go ahead and start downloading it… and 6 hours into it… my stupid internet connection kicks off. So that’s 6 hours wasted… FOR NOTHING. Is this game turning into a giant pain in the ass, or what ? OR WHAT !!!


I’m fairly sure that that 6 hours’ worth of downloading has not been erased. Just log back in, and it should pick up where it left off.

I did, and surprisingly, it wasnt ! WOO HOO. The curse has been lifted ! I am playing… this is really weird. The game controlls take some getting used to… So far i like what i see, but things like chatting and partys look like they can get pretty complex. I also dont know jack about missions… I figure i’ll solo it for a few levels untill i get the hang of things… i guess i’ll also post my status on Ahkeeyuu’s thread…

What world?
You should solo until you reach level 10. Partying is pretty inefficient until then anyway.

Phoenix… It says i have to lengthen my message. sooo, i just did.