I might as well make one

What do you all think of me?

I figured that since I’m not sure how to interpret some people’s feelings toward me, and since I’ve been getting more and more curious about it, I’d make this.

I dont think of you. Who are you?

punches Omega in the face for making another one

Thanks a lot. Now I’m really reassured. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Dai, you haven’t punched anyone else. Go punch DG or someone. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the biggest, and worst, ego feast of all times. You are a copycat: Copycats are bastards, and should be left in the deep forests to slowly die. Though. Most of then have a quick death as they are torn apice by a pack of wild cats.

You’re a conformist.

You’re a decent guy. wonders why Steve had to start this

I think you are a poor South Afircan kid who aspires to travel and see the world, spreading your message of peace and tranquility throughout the nations of the world, but alas, can only dream such grand dreams upon your bed of straw and cow manure in a small straw hut on the plains while a gazelle eats your last remaining rations for the month.