I laugh in Calgary's general direction...


Man, for the most important game of the season the Flames were playing very poorly for the first half of the game. It was a good series, but in the end Calgary couldn’t pull off a victory. Too bad, but I just made 500 on a bet :stuck_out_tongue:

While I think you’re being a bit of a jerk, I agree. They didn’t play well for 60 minutes. Certainly not the way they played to get to this point. If they had played the way they played the last ten minutes, for the full game, they would have trounced TB.

I think I’m the only person in Calgary who’s being rational about this. A sample from someone on my MSN list, 20 minutes after the game ended:

Fuck this noise. Fuck these penalties and non-calls. Fuck the officials for not calling the goal last game. Fuck PEI for supporting Tampa Bay. Fuck the NHL for not wanting Calgary to win because it’s bad for ratings. Fuck the NHL.

Pass this on if you’re a true fan of the Flames.

It sucks I know, but get the hell over it. There’ll be other Stanley Cups. And the sad thing is, half the city’s gonna go back to not giving a rat’s ass. Which is a shame. :\

In the whole series, both sides showed so much heart. I really wouldn’t mind if the Flames won, since they both deserved to win.

I was rooting for Calgary, but at least Andrewchuk finally got his Stanley Cup. I’m sure Iginla and those boys will be back and ready to compete next year.

I agree with that, they got more shots on goal in the last 10 minutes than the first 50 and were totally dominating. If they hadn’t played so poorly in the first two periods I’m sure they could have pulled if off.

Starcraft lost, and Calgary lost.


Dear Jango:

Fuck you.


Dear Doma:

You rock.


I have to admit, Khabibulin was instrumental in holding Calgary off. He aboslutely robbed Leopold with a wide-open net with five minutes left. It’s those missed opportunities that make you wonder. Oh well, I suppose.


GOOD! Now you do realize, there will probably be some war :stuck_out_tongue: Canadians were so crazy about this- AND THEN WE LOST! AHAHA America is so never going to let us live this one down :stuck_out_tongue:

This my friends, is when apathy is a good thing to have.


Calgary, I was rooting for you 'till the end. Last game you were fighting tooth and nail to win. Sucks that they didn’t count that goal. This game you were just playing to not lose. I could see it in the lackluster rushes in the first two periods and then the mad rush in the third to not lose in a shutout. Stanley will be waiting to be reclaimed. For now, go home, rest and sleep the sleep of the just … losers.

Calgary, I love you, but you deserved to lose. You threw away game 6 and the first two periods of game 7. You got 3 or 4 easily avoidable penalties in the first period alone. You failed to put the puck past Kahbibulin in 4 or 5 situations when the net was almost sucking it in FOR you. Kipprusov, what happened? You totally suck now. 2 games ago you could’ve made those saves without even farting. If you played this series the same way you played against Vancouver, you would’ve swept them with 4 shutouts.

But most importantly, if you didn’t miracuslously take out Vancouver (a better team than you by infinity times) in round 1, a Canadian team would be hoisting the cup right now instead of Tampa, who has more fans in P.E.I. than they do in the states in their entirety.

Thanks for lulling Canadians into a sense of victory and then masturbating on the ice for 2 periods before deciding you might maybe wanna touch the puck instead of your penis. It was yours, and you willingly threw it away.

Oh well, at least Anreychuck got a cup after 22 years. He deserved it.

Alright honestly, that’s a totally unfair assessment. How do you know Vancouver would’ve won? Are you a psychic visionary who can see alternate realities whenever you want? No one knows for sure what would’ve happened. Honestly, at the start of the playoffs, I didn’t think Calgary would get this far. I had hope that they would, but I didn’t expect it. And if they had lost to Vancouver, I think Vancouver would’ve lost in the Conference final. If I thought any Canadian team was a Cup contender this year, it was Toronto.

COmpared to Game 6, you can’t blame Kipprusoff either. On the first goal he was caught out of position on a rebound (and it was on a PP) and on the second goal, I’m pretty sure he was screened by at least one person.

Why’s it matter? Boston wasn’t in it.

I didn’t really follow it, but I was rooting for Calgary. Anybody over TB. Kinda disappointed when I found out they lost. Good thing I’m not a betting man.

I wanted Calgary to win. Sure, maybe Andrewchuk needed his Cup, but so many other people get into the NHL and never win, so what’s another one? Besides, I see something just wrong with a hockey team in Florida. And Tennessee, and Texas (god damn Norm Green…), and California, and Arizona… </rant>

If you really want to look at the bigger picture, there are more Canadian players on Tampa Bay than on Calgary. Tampa had 12 Canadians dressed and playing in game 7, while Calgary only had 10.

Also, lets take a look at some of the top players on Tampa Bay:

BRAD RICHARDS: Born in Montague, PE, Canada

MARTIN ST. LOUIS: Born in Laval, QC, Canada

VINCENT LECAVALIER: Born in Ile Bizard, QC, Canada

DAVE ANDREYCHUK: Born in Hamilton, ON, Canada

This leads me to believe that the cup is still in Canadian hands, if not on Canadian soil.

But still, the concept of a team playing in Florida seems wrong to me…

Heh, Ez, they can bitch all they want but if it hadn’t been for not calling penalties the Flames would have lost to the Canucks in the first round. That was one VIOLENT series.

Not calling the penalties doesn’t necessarily make or break the game. Power plays certainly aren’t guaranteed goals. Calgary still may have won the series if the penalties had been called.

The bottom line is that Calgary simply ran out of energy by Game 7. They were tremendously racked by injuries (2/3 of the second line was out, various other players were playing with hurt ligaments and tears and such), they played a very large amount of games for a Stanley Cup finalist (about the equivalent of another third of a season), and they had to defeat THREE division winners before taking on the second-best team in the league (points-wise) to another seven games; and some rather questionable calls went against Calgary in the Finals (Ville’s suspension, the two penalties in Game 7’s first period, the penalty at the end of the third). You could even say Calgary had lost the series after their Game 5 win, because it cost them a lot player-wise and they couldn’t put Tampa away early in Game 6. Tampa on the other hand was almost perfectly healthy for a Stanley Cup finalist, and they had to face the chum of the playoffs (NYI and MON) at an average of 4.5 games per series in the first two rounds. I think Calgary fans should be anything but ecstatic for their team’s performance this year. I just hope that ownership continues to invest in what is one of the most entertaining, hard-working, undertalented squads in the league. In hockey will beats skill, but unfortunately fatigue defeats all.

Boston got pwned by the Canadiens…AGAIN! :stuck_out_tongue: 2 times in 3 years, MAN you guys suck! :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing against you, Merl, but to get PWNED by a lower ranked team twice in 3 years is deserving of ridicule in my opinion.

Then again, we never made it past the second round in both cases.

Well, quite frankly, I was rooting for Tampa Bay, if only because I’ve been following Lecavalier and St-Louis since their Junior hockey days.