I know it's probably not the place to ask

but since we talk about more than FF games I figured I would. I’m looking for the real name of Serge’s weapon from Chrono Cross. Is it really called a “Swallow?” or was it just some name that was just put in the game. If anyone knows please help

Not that it doesn’t relate to your problem at all, but Zidane in FF9 uses “Thief Swords” which look like plain ol’ two-bladed swords to me, so I’m pretty much with you on the “They just took a name and put it in”-theory :wink:

Yeah, Squaresoft tends to do that a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the game describes the Sea Swallow as “a bladed oar”, or something. I’m not exactly sure…havn’t played CC in awhile.

And BTW, I think Chrono discussion became valid here with the release of FF Chronicals. :hahaha;

yeah I agree that it’s just made up, but I’m just looking for the real name of Serge’s weapon. If it’s not a sea swallow which I’m sure it’s not then what exactly is the official or real name of it. I need the info for a story I’m writing that’s why I’m asking

I thought it was a double sided spear but I’m not sure if I’m right

Could it be a type of naginata?

It might be, but I’ve never been sure. I guess the only way to really find out is to find someone who knows A LOT about Oriental weapons. They would know it’s proper name.

It would be pretty hard to get a decent strike in without cuting yourself. I would say its a dual edge “something”