I know I'm not the first to notice...

You are still two very different people. You are still THE Eva. You are unique.

This makes me glad, my friend.

As long as nobody comes in with a name close to Chris-chris I’m fine… >.>

Cold Hell was another CH, but I guess he’s been displaced. :stuck_out_tongue:

And CC your avatar scared the hell out of me.

Why thank you Clothhat :ulty:

Hey don’t worry. It’s just a UN.

Besides, if push comes to shove, just make a new sig stating you’re the true “insert name here”.

But that would make us look petty! You dont know what its like being a victim!

Of identity theft, you’re implying?

I’d hardly call it theft.

changes his name to some variation of Ness

Miltank, sarcasm! Sarcasm, Miltank!

Interesting this was brought up. I was thinking abotu changing my name to “Milhouse” or “Miltruck”

Ha, just you guys wait- one day some other guy/girl will steal my name, and be a total nympho. Like, more then I am. Crazy man, totaly crazy.

I guess this board is just turning into another faceless domain of evil.

On a side note, who are all of you and why am I in my underwear.


I though Merlin Got his name Nicked in the Chat once!

Big Nutter

Sin used to call himself Gades during Starcraft, we both have extremely long hair and have had awkward experiences because of it, we both like sharp, pointy objects and being unsympathetically violent to people who get what’s coming to them.

Maybe I’m his (far less-awesome) clone who can’t hold his own in a moral/political debate.

Nessy, you Do realize we have like 3-5 dragons alone in the chat, right? And it’s likely that even more would join :stuck_out_tongue: Let’s just see if we will meet Vanessa_the_Dragon or Crying_Dragon tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

devillion is just too cool to be copied.

Although there is someone on livejournal with the name ‘devilion’ (one l).

When me and Sin used to play Diablo II and Warcraft III online, whenever we were kicking ass we’d scream “IGMOD!” (I, Gades, Master of Destruction… or something) and people would just look at us funny. It was cool.

Well, no matter how many cloners are out there, I’m sure we’d never see another Ren around. It comes from a rare name.

Yea, oddly enough, I’ve never run into another Sorcerer. And only one other MacMaverick…

I would have figured there’d be another version of Kairi by now. It’s pretty unoriginal. ^^