I know I'm not the first to notice...

Are people like, cloning themselves lately or what?

Like, all these new people are coming in with similar names to some pretty well-known regulars. Like SpazCat (Spazzy, as many of us know Starstorm), Savior Steve (Steve) and Evanjeline (Evangelion)… am I leaving anyone out? It seems like there were more than that, otherwise why am I bitching? What the hell is going on here!!!

Anyway, if someone comes in with a name like mine, I’m going to go on a rampage. kthxbai.

changes his name to Draconesso



No, I am sure that it is all coincidence.

I’ll only get worried when someone named “Yar Klaymoore” or something shows up.

I noticed the Spazcat first and thought it was just SS with a name change till I looked at post count. of course I noticed the Evanjeline one, in Faetan’s forum, for the first time, too. I just noticed SaviorSteve and Steve (har har Im slow) but I never made a connection to all three.

…are the three of us marked? Is this the beginning of a conspiracy?!

Well with a community that’s getting more and more talked about and popular, there are bound to be people coming along with similar names to regulars.

Obviously the senior forum-goers are so cool that everybody wants to be like them. :noway:

changes his name to Sirr Percival, then Sorkerer, then Mazrim Tame… then I change my name back to Loki… and nobody notices because he changes his name too damned much

sings Ev-ery-bod-y, ev-ery-bod-y, ev-ery-body wants to be a cat!

That said, I just rock that much. People come in, look at me, and think to themselves “Man that kitty, he’s just so… perfect”… so they have to have a name like mine, or related to mine.

I had a clone back a long time ago. Anyone remember a poster by the name of Mixta Kero?

Guess it’s a good thing I have a little more of an individual name…even if it is a historical person’s.

In my dreams I’m THE WIZARDMASTER!

Noone will steal my name. Its too lame.

There’s been a few Valkyries on here, but I’m sure there’ll never be another Esker.

Same here.

Don’t even talk about clones. There’s been 3 other Clesses.

The clone wars begun have. Or whatever.

I noticed it, I just kinda ignore the new people.

cries about how PJ syas he’s not a cool senior

Really though, I thought the other Eva was just a name change. These similar names are gonna get confusing. No I’ll wait for my “Infocloen” thank you very much.

Too many that I lost track and you are all the same person to me.

You die now.

Noooo! Im still the same…but Im unique, right? I’m the only Eva in your heart…right?